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Requirement for Marijuana Legalisation

Christopher Cunningham

The need of Marijuana

I. Boost of Revenue and different types of marijuana

a. The need of Marijuana in our country making the drug legal to use recreationally by all 50 states. The benefits are huge when it comes to all states benefiting from money that they have earned in one year is one billion dollars, which was Colorado who made that much money from sales. Can you imagine who will benefit from the marijuana sold, first the children will have better schools, equipment such as computers, physical exercise programs, not to mention the economy will start being better from years to come. The Boost of revenue can only make America great again and flourishing from all the money spent on the war and just maybe we can go back to the way it used to be, when jobs were easy to get and prices on goods were not outrageous.

b. Indica is kush from afghanistan making you lazy.

c. Sativa is alternatively gives you energy used for depression and exhaustion.

d. Hybrid it gives you both Indica and Sativa which is why its hybrid.

e. Cannabis compound THC and CBD carry there own properties in medicine.

II. People who benefit from Marijuana

a. The people who will benefit from marijuana sales are police officiers and I want to tell you why this is really important. The more police officiers out on the treats means there will be less crime happening, and less drug dealers on the streets. If that happens the state will benefit from all the revenue from marijuana.

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c. People who are sick will easily attain marijuana which to me is great. I have seen people who have certain diseases and they are always in pain and the doctor didn’t give them medical marijuana because there is no use to using the drug or it is not legal for the patient to use. Being a parent who see’s there child in pain will do anything in there power to make sure they feel better. Marijuana is that drug that can reduce pain and help people deal with there current diseases that normal medicine is not working.

b. Helps with being skinny and raising your metabolism in some people.

III. The types of diseases that need marijuana

a. Glaucoma is an eye disease that puts pressure on the eye ball and damages the optic nerve in your eye. This also minimizes the effects of cancer causing agents.

b. Alzheimer disease as shown to slow down the effects so that you may live a longer life.

c. Stomach diseases like crones disease can subside with marijuana.

d. Parkinson’s disease can be controlled with marijuana.

e. Lupus disease is when the body attacks itself similar to aids.

f. hep c is controlled and side affects shortened and increases treatment.

IV. People with chronic pain

a. Multiple sclerosis is pain in the spine which is controlled with the drug marijuana.

b. Helps with muscle spasms and can be subdued with marijuana.

c. People who suffer from arthritis pain can be away with marijuana.

d. PTSD is very common in veterans who served in the military calms them down and out bursts.

e. Protects your brain after a stroke thanks to marijuana.

g. Helps with concussions in sports thanks to marijuana.

h. Relieves pain from chemotherapy patients another great reason.

V. Conclusion

I am very serious about this subject of getting marijuana legal in all states. The fact that all states will benefit from marijuana and obviously all the people in the state will benefit with better schools, roads, toll bridges will be paid off. Kids will have better equipment such as computers, physical exercise equipment will be good. My main point of having you guys agreeing with me is the people who cannot access the drug because only 28 states makes medical marijuana accessible to patients. I remember seeing this child and it was sad, she had seizures every 10 mins and can you imagine your child going through such pain. But thanks to cbd which is a liquid base marijuana that can be mixed in with food so that children can consume it. She was relieved from the seizures not happening that often, she was temporarily cured for that day.  As a parent I would give my child marijuana either by inhalation or cbd if it help them live a better life.


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