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National and International History and Evolution of the Private Security Industry

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The National and International History and Evolution of the Private Security Industry


The term and the concept of private security is oftentimes considered to be a modern phenomenon but going through the civilizations history shows that it has been always existed some form of the private security since the beginning of the civilization (Bruce George, 2014), in this report we will be a brief of the evolution in the international private security industry in general, but specifically in the Republic of Ireland will be highlighting the background and the key features to Legislation & Regulation 2004 Act ,i.e. L.S.999, 2004 standard.

International history and evolution of security:

The word coms the Latin securus and securitas (McCrie, 2003) which mean The state of being free from danger or threat (Anon., 2018),the term security was developed  and evolved from a human need at the very begging of the life in to one of the human rights according to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations in 1948 under Article 3”Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the security of person” (McCrie, 2003) .The evolution in the term been going simultaneously with the development in tools, techniques and technology since.

Private Security in Ireland:

The history of private security in Ireland back to the 1960s when Bill Kavanagh started the first commercial security company under the name “K Security”, it has been always believed wrongly that the concept of this innovation copied from Britain which was has their own private security companies industry back to the 1930s.without taking any consideration to the security situation in Northern Ireland and neglecting the need of the private security in the Republic of Ireland at that time.

Background to Legislation & regulation:

The first adopted standard by the Authority for Security Services is “Guarding Security Service” IS999:2004which is granted the National Standard Authority of Ireland certification. And accepted to be the minimum standard required for the companies to secure a license from the PSA.in addition to IS999 standard including different sectors within the security industry force them to comply with different standard such as EN50131 for intruder alarm installation in the technology and IS 228 for Monitoring centers and they are The Main National Irish Standard for the security industry. As Legislation Government as well as criminal and civil law beside fire brigade acts with the health and safety are the main sources for the legislation in its new shape so far complying with European Standards (Byrne, August 2007).

Regulation P.S.A:

The private security services Act 2004 was the establishment of The Private Security Authority (PSA) which is the statutory body for regulating and licensing the Irish Private Security Industry (Byrne, August 2007). Likewise adding different sectors to the security industry amended more other standards forming the Irish Standards putting place through the National Standards Authority of Ireland in consultation with the respective industries within the Broader European Environment Standards and giving an European Number EN accordingly (Byrne, August 2007).the PSA 28 2013 standard published on the 9th of December 2013 is the current standard beside a lot more EN numbers included to the national standards especially in the sector of technology like Intruder and CCTV with the Fire Precautions and Procedures, Emergency Procedures, Health and safety, First Aid, etc.

Key Features of Legislation & Regulation L.S 999:2004(standard):

L.S 999:2004 standard holding the responsibility for providing a specification to all the aspects related to the services in guarding security of a company or body providing static or/and mobile guarding security services on the basis of the contract. The aspects includes Management, Staffing training, Operational Procedures, Recording and Reporting but the requirements of this Irish Standard do not apply to cash-in-transit services, secure parcel services, private investigations and bodyguard services also the standard does not cover control rooms or staff of the type used for alarm monitoring centers (Byrne, August 2007).

Rights & Responsibilities:

1-     Security Guards:

The legal system is vast and can be complex, it is therefore important that the security officer concentrate only on those areas which may impact their daily duty life which is

A-    Offences against the person such as Assault, Assault causing harm and Robbery.

B- Crimes against Property such as Theft, Burglary and Criminal Damage.

C- Relevant Torts (civil Law) such as Trespass, Defamation and Negligence (Byrne, August 2007).

2-     Employers:

Under section 8 of the health, safety and welfare at Act 2005 framework the general duties of                                the employers by manage and conduct work activities, design, provide and maintain a safe place preventing risk to employee and must also conduct their undertaking so that individuals at their place of work who are not their employees are not exposed to risks to their safety, health and welfare (Byrne, August 2007).

3-     Clients:

Organization or individuals retaining a guarding security services to carry out agreed services, responsible for paying the company in accordance with an agreed contract (Byrne, August 2007).


The evolution in the national security standard in the Republic of Ireland complying with the evolution in the international standard form the human need the human right also including other sectors within the security industry gave new shape and momentum to the security industry in Ireland beside the evolution in the technology in general and proved again it was not copied from somewhere else but was their need and part of the its life.


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