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Good Qualities A Leader Must Possess

Every people have many points of view and statement to justify a person which is the person is a successful person. So, the people are looking for the qualities and achievement of the successful person for identified how successful they are. From here, we are known that the successful person must have the qualities and achievement so that the people will call them as successful people. In addition, what are actually meaning of qualities and achievement?

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Qualities is meaning that the characteristic and act of behaviour of an individual. Qualities also refer to disposition of a person. There are many type of qualities was having on an individual such as mature, excellent ability, stable personality, working hard and so on. Different people have different of qualities; some of the people are having good qualities and some of the people having bad qualities too. For the successful person, it should have well of qualities and use their qualities in the right ways. In my view and my statement, I feel that a successful person should have many good of qualities. The good of qualities for the successful person that I feel that such as, good presentation of skills, kindness, politeness, generosity of spirit, humbleness and uniqueness of personality. Firstly, we talk about good presentation of skills, good presentation of skill is mean that an individual can express themselves and performing by well and people can understand easily. An individual can use good presentation of skills in many-sided such as business presentation, school presentation, giving speech and entertainment performance. Due to having this quality the people will being attract from an individual’s performance and an individual easily to express and presented to the others. Secondly, kindness, kindness is refers to kind it also mean that a person’s acting and treating the others by familiar behaviour and always concern the others. An individual having kindness of qualities, that individual will be treasured by others. Besides that, kindness people will also care about the other and will not do something that will hurt and harm to the others as this kind of people will concern and take cares about the people’s feelings and heartfelt wishes.

Thirdly, politeness, meaning of politeness is best expressed as the practical of good manner or ritual. Put it simple, politeness was also meaning that an individual always respect to the eldership and greet people when faced them. Politeness was very common in our surrounding, whatever we talk, we meet others, we go somewhere and we see someone, we will be politeness as we are inherited our culture from our parents. Different culture has different way how to greet people or talk to others. Fourthly, we are going to talk about generosity of spirit. Generosity of spirit is mean that an individual was willingness to give of share something to needy people or others, it also mean that an individual share and give something to someone based on his or her ability and without asking any remuneration. Usually this kind of people are rich people as they are helping the poor and needy people by giving them money or conduct a charity to support them. Next, the fifth quality is humbleness. Humbleness is refer to meekness, it mean an attitude of modesty and lack of pride or proud. The humbleness people will not act pride and will not be blow up when the others was praise them or achieved something. A humble person is often not worried about who is best or better. A humbleness person has a realistic evaluation of her own qualities and realizes there are many people with the same qualities. The last quality is uniqueness of personality. Uniqueness of personality was mean that an individual has the personality that the majority of people does not have and uniqueness of personality also mean an individual always doing and thinking something different between the others. So, this kind of people can think and act something new and creative. Besides that, the person who was having this type of quality will always make others not too easy to understanding about him or her.

However, a successful person was not only has these type of good qualities, it also need some achievement to make people feel and justified that was a successful person itself. So, what achievement an individual had as I feel that he or she is a successful person? In my view and my statement, I feel that a successful person should had achieved such as organized and support charity to the poor and needy people, has a happiness family, gain a lot of people recognized and appreciated, has a lot of money and gain many award. So, what is organized and support charity to the poor and needy people? Organized and support charity to the poor and needy people is mean that an individual organize a charity such as donate a lot of money to the charity institution, hospital and school. Next, has a happiness family, this is mean that an individual able to let his or her family members especially father and mother have a good and comfortable shelter and bring to them a good living condition such as always by them sides to accompany them, always take care the family members and let them enjoy glory and wealthy living. Gain a lot of people recognized and appreciated, this is meaning that a person getting much of the people recognized, appreciated, love and respect as that people has a lot of talent such as talented entertaining, talented in business, talented in performing and so on. Most of these kinds of people were entertainer, singer, minister and so on. Other achievement are has a lot of money, a successful people should has a lot of money. This is because they can use the money to do some mean full things such as conduct a charity and establish a charity institution, this is linked to the organized and support charity to the poor and needy people. The last achievement is gain many award, in my view, a successful person should get many award so that I am calling him or her is a successful person. For example of the award is Grammy award, Guinness World Records award, Billboard award and so on. These awards were well known in the world, a person was being called as a successful person as they get these awards.

One of a good example of that qualities and achievement would I feel justified in calling an individual successful is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is a good presentation of skills, kindness, and politeness, generosity of spirit, humbleness and uniqueness of personality person. As we knew, Michael Jackson is a well-known entertainer, he has a lot of talented such as in singing, dancing and performing. Why I feel that Michael Jackson is a successful person? This is because he has the qualities that I mentioned. For good presentation of skills, Michael Jackson has good presentation of skills, as he has had performed his concert all around the world and he always brought his message into his song and sing for us. Besides that, he expressed his feel and message by performing his concert and he also has had wrote his autobiography into a book and share to others. Next, Michael Jackson also has the qualities of generosity of spirit; he likes to help the people who are needy, poor and sick person. From the previous news, we were knew that Michael Jackson was the most contribution to the charity in the world for all time as he is the world’s largest personal donation on behalf of individuals. Other quality of Michael Jackson he has is humbleness. Michael Jackson is a humbleness person, he always be modest and do not be proud full as many people was praise and recognized him. Last quality does Michael Jackson has is uniqueness of personality, Michael Jackson is a person who is special and different between the other people. This is because whatever his dress up, his belief and his talent is different between the other entertainers.

Michael Jackson had achieved many things that in family, in wealth, in music, been recognized by many people, in charity and many more. For the family, Michael Jackson was brought to his family a lot of things such as shelter, good living condition, luxury and happiness. He loved his family member and he always respect his elder parent especially his mother and his father. Therefore, he was achieved a happiness family. Next, Michael Jackson also achieved gain a lot of money; he was earned much of money by his world tour concert and selling his albums. Besides that, he also purchased the Neverland ranch from golf course entrepreneur William Bone in 1988 for a sum variously reported to be 16.5 dollars to 30 million dollars. From this, we are knew that Michael Jackson was has a lot of money. The other achievement that Michael Jackson achieved is gain a lot of people recognized and appreciated. Michael Jackson has been recognized by many people such as well-known entertainer, artist, singer, fans and so on. The people who are like him and love him was also appreciated him, the fans was bought his album and Michael Jackson was also achieved the most bigger selling albums in the world for all time as much of the people or fans are bought his albums. Apart from this, Michael Jackson also organized and support charity to the poor and needy people. He was established many centre such as hospital, charity centre and so on. Michael Jackson had earned the profit from his concert and donated all the profit to the charity centre and hospital. Michael Jackson also listed in the 2000 book of Guinness World Records for his support more charities than any other entertainer or personality. From here, we were knew that Michael Jackson was achieved organized and support charity to the poor and needy people. The last achievement that Michael Jackson had achieved is gain many award. There are many awards that Michael Jackson was gained such as Guinness Book of World Records for 13 times, Grammy Awards for 19 times, Golden Globe award, American Music Award for 22 times, Billboard Awards for 40 times, World Music Award for 12 times, MTV Awards 13 times and many more.

So, Michael Jackson is a successful person that I was called, it is because he is adopts my idea qualities and achievement that I felt. In conclusion, an individual wants to be a successful person, it must be with some qualities that can achieve to succeed and also needs some achievement to proof to the others as the others will calling him or her as a successful person.

3.0 Conclusion

In this assignment, I had learned how to be a good and efficient leader by training and practise some characteristics that could be a leader. So, in order to be a good and efficient leader, it should have some certain qualities and characteristic. Then, the member will listen to you and respect you as long as you are a good and efficient leader. Besides that, I also get many information and details about how to be a good and efficient leader and some example of character that related to the topic. So, based on my research, I found many of good and efficient leaders, I will learn from them and practise like them.

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Apart from this, for this assignment, I also learned how to become a successful person. To become a successful person, it needs some qualities and achievement to become it. So, based on my ideas qualities and achievement, one of a character is been put in my assignment as an example to explain it. So, after this I will learn from that character and always training the good qualities in order to become a successful person.

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