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Cyber Attacks in Mordern Warfare

Which side are you on… for or against cyber wars?


With the beginning of modern technology in the turn of the century, society must closely monitor information that is inserted in cyberspace. A new, intangible frontier opened with the production of the first computer and only expands in a world of circuit boards and code. Innumerable pieces of data and personal information regarding practically every individual in modern society can be found on the internet at this point, a fact that is beneficial to academia, but terrifyingly intrusive when it comes to an individual’s privacy. What is a cyber attack? A cyber attack is an attempt by hackers to damage or exploit a computer network or system.  A cyber attack happens primarily when someone wants financial gain and or classified information. A serious question arises when faced with these technological security issues: how can we stop cyber attacks? Society needs an improved cyber system in order to protect our privacy online before cyber attacks become truly detrimental to society as a whole. Young adults would be affected more than older adults because we use the technology more.

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Some citizens of the US think that there will be no peace in the world. They see peace treaties and political cease fires, yet they still doubt the actuality of peace and harmony. Citizens are most terrified about their privacy and safety online, as that has been historically most vulnerable; they think that we will still get hacked. With updated technology, hackers will always find a way to breach securities and destroy firewalls. Soon enough, they can get into the street lights and wipe the internet off the grid (Amy 612). Due to the fact that most of the things we use are powered by electricity and the internet, we will not be able to fix anything after an attack of that magnitude. We would be completely at the mercy of our enemies. The hospitals will have dying patients because the machines that are plugged in to keep the patients alive. Not to long ago in 2011, a bank was hacked and peoples information was lost and or stolen. This could be the first reason to why people think that the cybersecurity would not work anyway. . Amy stated in her article that on one attack that they tried to wipe off the grid to send air strikes to Libya. Wiping things off the grid will also hurt us economically

The US administration wants to better the cyber security. On February 12th, the White House wanted cyber security to be strengthened for  the exchange of info between public companies (Guiton 118).  They wanted to make a legislation that will help with bettering the cyber security. (Amy 612). Even private sectors are easy to hack because they share information to other agencies and other companies (Bruton 10). This legislation entails a grant to companies and government to share information and threats against a companies rights (Guiton 119). That is another reason why we need cyber security because soon enough it won’t be just small businesses that get hacked and destroyed. The difference between  It would soon be the government and once again the pentagon. One way the government can try and stop cyber war is by finding the location of the hacker. Sometimes you can even find who sponsored the cyber attack and the instigator of the attack as well (Guiton 118). With the technology that we have today things can be easier for us to track these incidents before it gets serious. For instance the latest election Hillary Clinton said that her email was hacked. There were a lot of conspiracies that say that Russia was behind it all. There was another cyber attack that happened in the US where the government thought that China was behind the attack (Guiton118). It was leaked that china was an investigator of an espionage.

Some of the people of America think that the legislation can workout for the best. A small percentage think that the government is already prepared for a cyber attack. With this being said, there are more young supporters of the cybersecurity and the cyber legislation than the adults.  The support from the younger generation could be simply be due to the fact that we spend most of our time using technology and we see how it can benefit us in the long run. The adults on the other hand, think otherwise and have a different opinion. The adults are more “old school”. The adults think that since the technology we are using now isn’t helping then what will?

The millennial citizens think that we should give it chance. The younger generation trust the internet and the technology more than adults. We can see the benefits of the cybersecurity working. We are dependent on technology that if a cyber attack does happen we can lose everything. We have our card information on our phones to use apple pay, paying bills online, and online shopping. Not having cybersecurity will affect the younger generation and middle age citizens for the simple fact that we use it more. I am also guilty of using technology too much.

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More adults are what we call “old school”. Some adults wouldn’t be affected because they don’t really use technology. For one, my mother does not trust apple pay or having your card information on the cell phone. She thinks thinks that if you so happen to lose your phone everything would be lost and someone can take your money. Even my grandmother thinks the same way. She doesn’t really use cards, and she always keeps cash on her. With this being said more adults carry cash, checks, or cards and they won’t be affected as much as the younger generations.

In my opinion I think that we should have cybersecurity and that there should be a peace treaty for cyber war. I believe that if we have the strongest system we wouldn’t have to really think about the small scale and the big scale cyber attacks. Having a better cyber system can relieve the stress of being hacked and information getting lost. If our systems get hacked the young population are the ones that would be affected.


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