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Characteristics Of A Good Leader

There are many things we can be determine a leader whether it is good or bad. The most important thing is the characteristics of the leader. Some of the characteristics of a good and efficient leader are through experience, development and leadership training while the others are born to. Those leaders who have in born characteristics of a good and efficient leadership are usually the ones who become a successful leader. This is true because not everyone can lead. Some people are obedient and dormant by nature, and regularly require someone to overlook their schedule or activities and remind them about the extraordinary goal, so that they will not cut out of leadership. The best leaders are those who are naturally born with good qualities of a leader. The characteristics for a good and efficient leader are self leadership, vision, wise, passionate, compassion, charismatic, great communicator, persistent, integrity and disciplined.

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No matter it is corporate leadership, team leadership or global leadership, the basic characteristics for a good leader remain the same. Additional positive characteristics may be needed, depending on their field of work. The first characteristics is self leadership, this may be the most important characteristics among the rest because it asserts that only when a leader leads him towards a successful achievement whereas he will have the capabilities to motivate his followers to reach their goals or objectives as well. Besides that, good leaders must have a great vision. This kind of leaders, they know what their objective is and which path they want to go. A good leader will know how to motivate their followers to believe in the same vision that they have for their own country, community and their lives. They will have the different way of viewing of what they could be and not what they are. In addition, to become a good leader, usually they will have to make a critical decision at some points in their community or organization. To make the community or organization to become successful, the leader must have the knowledge to make the right decision in order to make the organization to be success. Normally, good leaders must be wise, strategic and perceptive.

Furthermore, to become a successful leader, usually, the person is very passionate. They will strongly obsess in whatever they are doing. It could be a hobby, sports or business. They will operate with such a very high level of excitement until they will get addicted in it. Other than that, a good leader will have the compassion for their followers or employees. They have great development and coaching skills. While these leaders have the objectives to accomplish, they will regularly care for the individual that supports them. They are not selfish people but only thinking of their own wants and needs. Most of them have a heart for the individuals that follow them. Besides that, most of the good leaders are usually fascinating. They are very friendly as well because they need to tend to draw other people in with their own personalities. They are distinguished building relationships and they have a great patience of performance from their peers.

Moreover, basically, a good leader is usually a great communicator and persuaders. They are very comfortable with communicating with other people and are very inspiring people as well. It is not surprising if they can build a good following with this kind of communication ability. Other than communication, good leaders will also need to determine in achieving their objectives. They know that reaching their destination can be filled with a lot of problems or barriers. So, they find that the advantages of achieving the mission are larger than the problems that they are facing with. This situation makes them strongly persistent person. Besides, they mean what they say. They have integrity. They are the peoples who keep their promises or guarantees and they will not play the old political games that plenty of other’s people do. People find them trustable and as such are dedicated to them. They also need to be bold sometimes coz they have to be brave to chase after their goals or dream. Although the fears are real, a daring leader continue to chase after it no matter what regardless fears that exits. Last but not least, to become a good and efficient leader you must have discipline so that you can continue your journey to success. But most of other individuals will simply dispirit or distracted if you will not have the level of discipline. A good leader will discipline their mind to be calm and focused on whatever situation they are facing.

In conclusion, not all good leaders can follow the entire step. Also, you may be strong at some points and weak at others. But remember, this world no one will be perfect but the person who finds out or understand his weakness and will make an effort to build up these characteristics of good leadership, this person will achieve or succeed for whatever their objectives or mission is.

Question 2

(Describe the qualities you will feel justified in calling an individual a successful person)

Success has a very extensive definition. You can be triumphant in terms of career, business, power, health, relationship, and discoveries among the others. We know that life will is full with bumpy and rocky highways and confusing side roads. However, it doesn’t mean that you should give up easily and lay the rest all your dreams. Despite the uncertainties, here are the ways that guide you to become a successful person.

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First of all, a successful person, they know what their objective or mission is. They will not stop until they get what they are aiming for. They keep moving forward and will not turn back. They are more educated and know what’s right and what’s wrong. They must also have their own vision because vision has the ability to be imaginatively and see our life plans in a clear way and comprehensively understood in our mind. One of the greatest masters of vision is Muhammad Ali because his vision of victory will help him to improve his skills and he will analyze every match that he fights. Besides that, to be a successful person, you must have a very high of focus level. If you ever watch a professional sports player during their matches then you will know what focused people looks like. For example, the world class player Roger Federer, he will only focus on the tennis ball when the opponent strikes back to him. He will not think about other’s stuff such as, where he will go for his next vacation, what is he going to eat for dinner or what his children are doing now, he will only focus on the tennis ball and which direction to hit. Other than that, a successful person normally is well educated and will keep on learning new skills to improve their knowledge. Education is also one of the main elements for people’s life and it is the root of success. Therefore, give a full attention or priority to education as there is no substitute of it.

Furthermore, a successful person will know how to differentiate what is correct and what is now. We have thousands of decision to make every day. We sometimes will run out of the track because of the number of things that we are thinking about every day. Generally, when we want to start to work on something, and then your friend will call you to go out for lunch n others. You know you need to finish your job or work before you do other things but you will find yourself saying, well, I can take a break awhile and go out for lunch with my friends and end up spending more time at lunch with your friends than you wanted. So now you need to stay back at the office for over time and miss your child’s game at home. When you know how to differentiate what is important and what is not, you will find yourself achieving your goals or mission a lot faster, and find yourself doing things that you want to do rather than things you have to do. Besides that, the other method to become a successful person is to associate with people who’re successful and positive. In the matter of fact, birds of the same feather flock together. You could `learn a lot with these successful people by communicating and associate with them. They will become your basis of what a successful person is. Other than mixing around with successful people, to be successful in life, you also need to be brave to take the risk to solve whatever problems you’re facing in the future. You must always remember the word ‘Never Give Up’ and don’t be afraid to take any challenges. When comes to solving problems, be confident and never surrender in finding the solution to solve the problems that you’re facing in otherwise you will never succeed in the future.

Moreover, a successful person must have the ability to chase after your dreams in the face of difficulty when others will give up. Example, the man who had an extraordinary persistence was Thomas Edison. He conducted over hundreds of experiments to get electricity to produce light. He kept going with his experiments when others told him to stop saying that ‘with every failure he was one step closer to successes. In addition, to be a successful person in life, you need to be committed in whatever you’re doing. When a goal or mission needs to take at least more than six month to achieve it, people who are committed will stay on the track until to the very end. Most people want to achieve their goals or mission in a week or in the other word ‘fast’, yes, they can but those are short term goals but I’m talking about long term goals or mission. When you come to a long term goal, for sure you will get a little staggering when things is not going the right way as you predict it would be. However, taking the time to see the bigger picture will help you to be motivated and will keep you focused.

In conclusion, if you want to be a successful people, you need to be hard working and never stop achieving what you aim for whereas being a successful person means looking inside yourself and ask yourself that you are somebody and you have something to offer. When you are trying to decide whether you are a successful person or not, the first person who must believe that you are a successful person is yourself.


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