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The Effects of Daily Exercise

Being a healthy person has been getting harder over time since fast food is everywhere with nice colors and low prices. Let us not to forget how the modern family role impacts its member’s health, with two busy parents just feeding themselves and their kids with junk food for the whole week. Actually, they are missing the most important thing that will save their lives which is daily exercise. Without a doubt, daily exercise is the key to a healthy and happy life. Every day, there is a lot of research that shows how much a daily workout is important in our lives. However, daily exercise can be a challenging routine in our lives but it is worth it for physical, mental, and societal health.

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The physical benefits of daily exercise have a positive effect on the human body in many ways. Doing daily exercise influences human beings positively. Actually, it supports the body’s health and prepares it for aging. Therefore, keeping exercise as a habit keeps the bones and muscles in a strong condition no matter the age. Thus, we guarantee the main parts of our body (bones and muscles) will be in excellent condition by repeating simple exercises during the day. Moreover, daily activity encourages the rise of the heart rate and the body metabolism. As a result of pushing the body during hard exercise, the blood runs quickly in the body to feed every single cell beside the organs with fresh oxygen. This process ends by getting the waste out of the body as a sweat or urine. This is the only way to free the body from toxins by the daily workout. The main physical benefit of daily exercise is that it helps to reduce disease among people. Recently, a lot of chronic diseases have threated people’s lives due to their life patterns. In fact, there are no similarities between people’s health 20 years ago and today because people prefer to rely on machines to move and do their work.

Daily exercise not only assists people physically, but also it impacts our mind in an astounding way. Indeed, all kinds of daily exercise no matter which type leads to anticipated results and supports brain health. While the body is moving during regular exercise, the blood takes its regular circulation through the human brain; as a result, a lot of oxygen and other elements such as glucose feed the brain. In fact, the more frequently we exercise, the more our brain gets stronger and healthier. As a consequence, the biological clock of the body turns on by allowing it to recognize the sleep needed. In addition, daily exercise has been reducing mental diseases, not to mention aging diseases but also in injury cases. Practicing daily exercise gives the brain the ability to rewire itself in case of damage or accidents. Moreover, it enhances treating mental diseases like depression and anxiety. A new study demonstrates that participating in Yoga and Meditation was helpful to reduce the depression and anxiety as well as increased in mindfulness (Cahn et al.) Regular exercise helps brain protecting memory and thinking skills and; as a result, reduces mental diseases.

Equally important, daily exercise is considered essential in society. In fact, it reflects the awareness among society members and how are they educated and healthy enough. The more we educated about exercise, the better are our overall health. Consequently, epidemic diseases spread less in an educated and healthy society. Therefore, governments encourage and support people to be healthy by doing physical activity through their influence on the built environment. For example, they plan and design street locations including necessities for allowable street widths and sidewalks. In addition, they build neighborhood parks and playgrounds, and provide walking and biking trails. Some successful companies encourage their employees to be healthy by doing exercise. Bas-Wohlert indicates “In 2014, a University of Stockholm study showed that exercising during the workday was advantageous for both employees, who were healthier and more concentrated, and the employer. The study found there was a 22 percent decline in work absences, not eligible in a country where the average person is on sick leave four percent of the time, twice the European average” (2018). Companies should learn from this study and start to encourage their employees to make exercise as a daily routine.

In conclusion, regular exercise is very important key to be healthy and happy. It has countless benefits in terms of physical, mental, and even societal health. It keeps bones and muscles strong and delays their weakness in old age. Also, doing regular exercise helps the brain to get stronger and healthier, and as a result, reduces mental diseases such as depression. Regular exercise can increase the societal health level when the government or companies provide the proper facilities to do exercise. The more exercise people do, the more physical, mental, and societal health they are.

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