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Importance of Business Internet Regulations

To Tame the Tech Giants, We Need to Secure our Digital Border

Associating individuals using social media has established a way to better our society over the different periods in our lives. Helicopters and cars authorized our citizens and their products to migrate further rather quickly than slowly, whereas Facebook, Google, and any other social media sites authorized our citizens to lower our self-esteem and increase our feelings of depression over time. In “To Tame our Tech Giants and Secure our Digital Borders” author Steven Hill argues that business internet regulations are very much needed to prevent the development of corporations from becoming substantial; this contrary astonishes this beneficial development. He believes that social media sites such as Facebook and Google should follow the terms and conditions of current statistic authorizations, or they will be forced out of the United States industry. While Hill provides several authentic and persuasive examples of the use of social media sites disobeying laws and regulations, he relies too much on the government’s questionable demands. His argument disregards the implicit uses of social media that affect our citizen’s everyday lives. The social media sites Facebook and Google present a strong well-rounded argument using descriptive evidence, having a clear understanding, developing problems, and providing solutions to the issue in an attempt of the social media sites to disobey the government. One piece of advice, social media users should be safe and alert, when it comes to being a part of questionable actions on social media.

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The social media sites Facebook and Google supporters and haters frequently focus on the way that these plans of action neglect rules, by backing up Hill’s claim with useful information. In many cases, there are disruptive and horrible interactions, such as being charged a large amount of money. George Pike explains how large platforms such as Facebook and Google leads to being one of the biggest providers in the world. However, Facebook and Google have its perks for being developed, they provide useful information to the users that positively impact their everyday lives. Careful examinations expand on both sides of the Atlantic. Rebel organizations are famous for using these social media sites for communication and being a parasite to innocent victims. The communication with young teens starts innocent, then as time goes on, things go awry. For, all the social media users anyone who randomly contacts you, you should consider having backup protection, just in case something bad happens.

Hill discusses social media users’ negative involvement with the government in the article “To Tame the Tech Giants, We Need to Secure Our Digital Borders in several analytical forms. Wolcott’s focus is strictly on how social media users use Facebook and Google in many bad or negatively ways. He talks a lot about the countless occasions for which the social media sites Facebook and Google experienced a substantial increase of global users. He refers to other high-tech platforms such as the European television network who has fewer global faithful users than the social media site Facebook, as well as newspapers and magazines being in the same predicament of not having as many global users as Facebook (Hill). Hill uses many forceful modifiers to describe these actions, varying from “fast replacing to “most dominant” to “most valued. Hill witness these social media platforms as being a “menace to our society” (Hill). He advocates for social media users by talking about social media users in a bad way, saying that they produce false information to the public. This is extremely bad for these platforms to do such a thing to our innocent people.

Social platforms deal with/ go through several complicated problems, in which the way social media is used in our society today. In reference to the Rebel communication problem, several problems are being developed that’s taken place in the article “Scrutiny of Google and Facebook Increases on Both Sides of the Atlantic”, terrorists corporations are using Facebook and other several social media platforms for communication, and they also are intimidating the democracy, because they are providing the marketplace with false news that points readers down the wrong pathway of problem solving (Hill). In this case, problem-solving should be important to our social media users, so that readers will have a clear understanding of the false advertising information that’s being published online.

Not only does Hill advocates about government rules being followed for our social media users’ sakes, but he also discusses but bluntly about the problems social media platforms went through. Research shows platform monopolies consistently threatening the democracy and our people’s free speech by distorting the marketplace of ideas with fake news and “engagement algorithms” that steer users into hyper-partisan information ghettos” this crisis is atrocious (Hill 4). Dealing with problems in this argument is very important for social media users because problems should and will always be solved so that the reader will receive the positive effects of the issue; also, the readers won’t be confused about the issue as well.

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Hill demonstrates various negative views on high-tech social media platforms, which are also known as Facebook and Google. He puts forth most of his attention on the negative aspects of these platforms being disobedient to the United States government. He is most certainly right; a lot of these actions take place occasionally. However, this article explains one side of the story, there are multiple sides to this out there, that’s impacting our world today. People over the age of 45 did not grow up obeying the laws and regulations, that’s about Hill’s argument. They undermine it and criticize the young people who obeys the laws today. Older social media users need to take into consideration that social media platforms are the future, they need to do right by it. However, people interpret that they don’t have to obey anyone but themselves. That shouldn’t give them a reason to use social media by helping them mistreat the government. Instead, they should appreciate these social media platforms, so they can positively use them, and use them to connect with the upcoming generations.

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