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Impacts of Controlling Population Growth

The effects of delaying marriages, medical facilities, women empowerment and the eradication of poverty are controlling the population growth. This essay will talk about why the government should control population growth. Firstly, this essay will discuss how the government supports individuals and their families getting access to resources in developing countries, also the government deciding on birth rates. The government needs to intervene to control population growth because the earth is infinite and is fast approaching its limit to provide for the number of people. This essay will argue that the government should be controlling the population growth using evidence from the article “World Population”.

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There are many ways the government can decide on birth rates as well as supporting families and individuals in developing countries by providing high levels of education, admission of women’s welfare, begin urban planning and speaking in regard to water shortages. The government will also ensure that families and individuals gain access to the health care system in developing countries. Many families and individuals will accomplish a better quality of life if the government continues to support people in rural areas by ending hunger of families in developing countries, improving health and well-being, enhanced food, sponsor sustainable agriculture to improve the quality of education. According to Gilbert (2001, p.107), the full participation and partnership in both men and women are required in productive and reproductive life, including shared responsibilities for the care and nurturing of children and maintenance of the household. The individual government should work towards deciding on birth rates. There is a high need aimed at teamwork between the individual governments and world health organizations. The government needs to decide on birth rates, in other words, the more developed the birth rates become,  also means there is a reduced rate of employment opportunities for individuals. In many countries, the individual government has realized that it’s extremely important to control birth rates across the globe this is accordingly that over-population, as well as underpopulation, can be possibly be avoided if the birth rates are controlled in all areas.

Environmental degradation has contributed to developed and developing countries as well as that in the world population. There are many effects that relate to employment opportunities, child marriage, lack of education and lastly, families who are in poverty. Many countries contributions have been made to environmental degradation but developed nations have the advantage of having resources and technologies to battle pollution.

The prosperity also, technology has superior possibilities and responsibilities for addressing environmental problems. In these underdeveloped countries, science and technology are very significant, this is because it helps individuals to manage resources efficiently, although science and technology may not be enough.

Resource consumption may be quite low in many developing countries, but their economy leads to a big increase in damage. Damages arise by the pollution from the use of energy, industrial activities, clearance in forests and inappropriate agricultural practices. There are many effects of fewer employment opportunities, child marriage, lack of education and last families in poverty.

The minor effects that cause fewer employment opportunities and lack of education include; Financial crisis, skills mismatch, generally lack entrepreneurship and life-skills education. This happens due to the fact that individuals aren’t fully educated because of financial problems. Lack of access to the capital is another effect, along with the digital divide which is another cause based in developing countries as there is a deficiency of access to technology resources and the internet. If the institute is unable to manage to pay for the digital resources to teach young students, they will be in a difficult situation in regards to employment opportunities.

The causes of child marriage are that women and girls are being forced to get married at such a young age. The common effects of child marriage are that it’s often driven by poverty and backgrounds. Child marriage particularly happens in developing nations in addition to girls that get married a young age tend to help their family to offset debts. child marriage can also be caused by norms also beliefs.

Poverty partakes in high and strong risks for individual families, most particular children, in other words, are to be situated as very serious. The slight effects that cause families absolute poverty are that babies who are born commonly consume a low birth weight which the possibilities lead mental and physical disabilities. Young children that are raised in poverty are more expected to have an impaired vision and hearing.

Education is the most important factor for women in developing countries and there are many reasons why. Women who are highly educated will have access to higher-paying jobs which also means they can fully support their family to be financially stable, seek medical attention for themselves and family and can afford nutrition and sanitation in their household. Women can gain access to an institute through providing traditional money transfers, scholarships, reducing the distance to school and most importantly ending child/early marriage.

Women who are educated can also become well knowledgeable specifically indicates they are more likely to take part in the political subdivision, social-cultural and social-decision making life expectancy. This is a great prospect for women to get involved in, as they can go through their own ability to make a great difference in their home nations.

A women/mother who is educated is generally expected that her children will turn out to be well-educated, equally girls and boys. It is encouraged that the worldwide teaching and gender impartiality will remain in the future generations.

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The efforts and changes of the environment throughout the twentieth century in developing countries are the human activities usually cause environmental change. The habits to secure the values contain food, clothing, shelter, comfort as well as recreation.

The world population should be controlled due to the additional number of babies that are being brought into this world which is increasing the population and by means that medical services are more intact sense. There are a great number of issues intended for clients such as treatments which will have more requirements for facilities and then will also lead to more debt for the individual government. Medical services will essentially need additional doctor’s, nurse’s, more services and supplies. But in this case, where the world is overpopulated, these services will necessarily be limited.

Halting the world population is definitely not an option although the population certainly needs to be reduced and can be improved by encouraging economic growth as well as giving people access to education and encouraging urbanization. It is most common that families that are based in rural parts have more children and by moving into the city it is also reducing birth rates.

If the government can control the number of children a woman can have it can save money for the government’s budget substantially since they won’t need to give as much family related payments to people.

The concepts the government can do towards controlling population growth is they could run campaigns to educate the population growth and the consequences of being over-populated, easy and cheap contraception’s should also be promoted and accessible. The government could elevate the people’s quality of living, in other words, give individuals a better education so that they will know how economically difficult it is to have an unsustainable population; give people better health care and social services and definitely an important one the government should focus on is educating the communities who are against family planning.

All developing countries have different cultures which means these cultures are influenced by Religion. Education is tackling population growth although education doesn’t interfere with religion, it gives you a broad understanding of how things are. Educating the population means giving them awareness and how to live within.

In conclusion, here are many effects in developing countries such as delaying marriages, medical facilities, women empowerment and the eradication of education. The government could possibly work ways to improve these effects by introducing ways to reducing our population growth. The population growth is increasing every day and is now becoming over-populated in developing countries. Although our individual government should make a change by controlling our population and this can be achieved through running campaigns so the community can be educated and distinguish the consequences of being over-populated, easy as well as cheap contraception’s should be promoted and accessible, educate the people who are against family planning, access to social services and better health care.


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