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Impact Of SMS On Society Social Policy Essay

Nowadays mobile phone plays the key role in communication in many countries, it bring convenience because can carry out anywhere anytime, a lot of function like listen music, browse internet or play game. Another increasingly popular function is the message services in forms of short message service (SMS). SMS first appeared in about 1991 GSM. Later, in CDMA SMS, and TDMA networks. Phone Caller (MO), the key SMS feature that allows users to text messages from mobile phones, has not only become available to non, GSM users in 2000.SMS is a communication service standardized in the mobile phone communication system, using standard communication protocol that allows mobile phone text messages exchanged between the devices (John Wily 2005). About issues of SMS in society, SMS has caused subtle but interesting changes in society since it has been popular. According to U.S. statistics, in year 2009, the total of SMS sent in the first half of 2009 was double the number last year same time, total SMS sent in first half of 2009 is 740 billion and the volume of SMS sent daily is 4.1 billion, and there are 276 million wireless users. This reflects the importance of the Short Message Service or the SMS as it is popularly known (Jain 2009). More people to use this service, the issues will arise more. Of course, used in the right place will not be affected to society, but some people will take advantage of this service to do illegal things the community.

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The reasons why I choosing Impact of SMS on society because last time me almost send more than 100 SMS in one day and cause me to waste lot money to reload my mobile credit. I also cheated by a scam, and every week will automatically deduct the credit of my mobile phone. That time I have to register an account to checking the football live score and every week will charge me RM 3 ringgit, but when I want to deactivated my account, it have no way to teach me how to do. So every week my mobile phone will auto pay RM 3 ringgit to them. This is a lesson I learn from it, we should careful when register anything through SMS and read the condition properly before action.

SMS (Short Message Service), commonly referred to as “text messaging,” is a service for sending short messages of up to 160 characters (224 characters if using a 5-bit mode) to mobile devices, including cellular phones, smart phones and PDAs (Simon Smith 2008). There are 276 million wireless users in U.S; it reflects the importance of the U.S. people. SMS is the discrete more than telephone conversations, making it to communicate when you do not want to be disturbed the ideal form. Example if inside the cinema, through SMS we can not affect any person and send message to anyone. SMS is less time-consuming in comparison to make a phone call or send an e-mail. Unlike email and instant messenger, SMS does not require you to have a computer. A lot of businessman sends their advertisement along with the SMS, because it will save cost and time.

SMS has countless contributions to the worlds. Some companies will use this service can issue immediate alerts to their employee about emergencies and critical situations. To send important information to major customers or suppliers, thereby ensuring that the information received is the appropriate person immediately. The company can send greetings to their clients or suppliers on various festivals or other occasions. Any updates or e-message can be sent to roaming, employees such as sales personnel or technical staff on the road any updates or information. SMS can be used to send a message to many people, from the contact list one or all users in a particular area. This service is called broadcasting companies use the contact employee groups or online services, news and other information users.

Bank are useful in this SMS service, it made a contribution to areas such as transaction deposits and withdrawals so much. Rather than go to the bank for processing, whereas the latter has developed a variety of ways, allowing customers to carry out short message service through banking transactions. This allows them to complete their financial transactions with out of the office or and home. Whether young or old, they have been contacted and know how to use SMS service. SMS allows the sale and purchase of goods easier. Only to send and receive text messages for buyers and vendors do not have to meet face to face when transactions (Urmann 2009).

SMS has its own share of disadvantages also. Some fraud group will send you the text messages to show that you have allegedly won in a lottery or promos. Then you will find that these are not real, will bribe you some money. SMS has made some disintegration of the family in one way or another. Rather than talk to each other and their children, they will usually pick up the phone and text or play games. Similarly, the children communicate with their peers the most frequently used text messages and lose the quality time with their parents interact. Sadly, their interaction, communication, and even relationships are under threat then became addicted to the short messaging system for some users.

We can see SMS has a lot of benefits, compare to post modernism, it really have a big different now. We compare write a letter and send a SMS to a person, letter will takes more than 2 days to reach the addressee at home, but SMS just waste 1 or 2 minute will send out to the addressee. SMS increase more Efficiency than write letter, now we can send messages and chat directly with each other. A lot company will through SMS to promote their product, because it can send to many people in the same time, that no need waste the paper to write any letter to promote their product. Letter will waste resource, time and money. A company can send out SMS to every mobile user for promote their product in one day, letter cannot just will slow down every progress and a lot disadvantage and feel unsecure to it.

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The positive perspective, SMS brings a lot of convenience to the society. Its use more frequently to countless, SMS is particularly suited for these kinds of short messages because SMS is much cheaper than calling someone and giving the same message. Call someone to provide the same information will always need more time, thereby enhancing the cost (Gupta 2001). Whether in business, or each person transmission of messages, SMS and the establishment of its importance and in this world can no longer be a lack of a service. Some people lack communication skills, but through SMS, they can express what they want. At any time, as long as have mobile phones, we can spread our message to anyone.

For the negative perspective, many students indulged in SMS chat, leading to neglect their studies, but also expensive monthly bills. This trend has become a bad habit of the students, so SMS quite a big effect on them. Some people use SMS this method to do some illegal things, such as the misappropriation of certain groups, the reputation of a person to get money, some ignorant people and greedy people easy to fool them.


From so many different perspectives and then the good service of SMS, It provides a very convenient method of exchanging small bits of information between mobile users (Gupta 2001). The reason for the huge popularity of SMS has been the fact that, send and receives messages, not only saves time and lower cost, as well as the mechanism. In many cases, it is a relatively more comfortable than talking by sending SMS message via mobile phone. Mankind should have good use of modern technology, rather than abusing it to the exercise of ways to break the law. Humans have been moving towards higher technology, better use of technology can make it flourish, if a good technology to be used in crime by some people on transit, it can be science and technology may no longer appear on this earth has.


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