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Health Promotion Care: An analysis

Health Promotion Care

Module 2 Discussion Question

Health promotion refers to the process of providing health care services to the public for increasing their awareness towards health education. Health promotion policy focuses on the prevention of health care problems in non-health care sectors and renders different ways to remove them. The health promotion techniques are based on different principles. The principles are: fundamental requirements of health, quality of life, fairness in health, building healthy policies for public health care, societal health care, educating for health improvement, making better life skills and effective community actions. The main aim of health care sector is to provide clinical and curative services to the communities for living healthy life (Marmot, 1996).

Discussion and Analysis

In Australia, there is a large population of aboriginal people and it is a colonized country. The government of Australia has implemented various health care policies for the improvement of health of people. But, the health of people does not improve with the divestment of health care promotion services. The aim of the government should be focused on continuously improving the health of the people, it should not be affected by the rational economic thought and health resource allocation. With the increasing expenditures in the health facilities, the public government is curbing many health care activities which in turn results in increasing malnutrition problems among the people. This can further result in increasing the death rate in the country and it will suffer from potential loss of people which can affect the productivity and growth of the country (Marmot, 1996).

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The government authorities should focus on improving the mental and physical health of the people. It should plan the health budget in such a way that gives maximum output with minimum expenditure but should not reduce the health care facilities for people. Government should appoint psychologists for understanding the mental state of the people. It should also pay attention towards health care facilities for children. It should introduce special child development programs and should have child care providers that increase immunization rates and create healthy child care environment (Louise & Parker, 2008).

The resource allocation for health care programs should be according to the health care requirements and also after a detailed cost benefit analysis. The government should have a strategic planning for introducing such health system programs. It is the responsibility of the government authorities to take care of public health and introduce plans and policies for their growth and development. There should be special health promotion plans for the deprived or disadvantaged people.

Health promotion programs have reduced deaths due to circulatory diseases, unintentional accidents injuries, infectious diseases, and poisonings due to cancers. Australia is known for its health promotion programs and policies, so the government authorities should maintain the standards and continue such programs by maintaining a balance between the expenditure and benefits rather than divesting from the principles of health promotion. The programs should be well planned and implemented to avoid health promotion failures. The health promotion program should aim at healthy lifestyle with an evidence based wellness system. Government should introduce open information health program along with family centered health promotion plans (Louise & Parker, 2008).


Thus, the concerned authorities should introduce health promotion programs which aim at the equal development of all the people and provide health facilities to children, adults as well as old people. It should also aim at multicultural health promotion programs to reduce cultural imbalances and inequalities and satisfy all people equally (Magnusson, 2008).


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