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Challenges in Countering Terrorism

“What are the roles and the limitations of US intelligence community in countering terrorist threats? “

  • Maitha Yousif Mohammed



Knowledge investigation tries to give vital data in a convenient way to help policymakers from the president on down settle on better choices. The data and judgments must be related to what policymakers need to know however not skewed to bolster a specific strategy result. In actuality, this is a greater amount of a workmanship than a science, particularly on the grounds that the way and method for most successfully illuminating the president and other senior policymakers changes with the inclinations and working style of every new organization.

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The Intelligence Community (IC) is a gathering of Executive Branch offices and associations that work independently and together to take part in knowledge exercises that are important for the behavior of remote relations and the security of the national security of the United States. The IC is driven by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), who is the pioneer of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and whose commitment is to arrange the other 16 IC parts considering information clients’ necessities.


THE EXPIRATION OF THE COLD WAR creates it consistent and critical to dissect the central segments of U.S. national security plan. It will be surprising if the associations, strategies, and process that by and large served the country well in the midst of the Cold War ensured to fix similarly in an enormously changed worldwide setting. On occasion, exciting modification in what the United States prepares and how it does it strength be named for; in others, significantly all the additional unassuming alteration could well do. Despite once no alteration is obliged or charming, it will be imperative to exhibit this to an open and Congress commonly eager to extra resources committed to national security or use every one of them the all the more effectively and capably.

The Council on Foreign Relations Task Force happening the Future of U.S. Learning stayed made in mid-1995 with the inspiration driving studying the prerequisite for understanding in the post-Cold War world then in what way the U.S. government must go about meeting it. All Task Force people comprehended that this objective was a moving target given the movements now in advance all through the knowledge aggregate, the game plan of another Director of Central Intelligence, the vicinity of the Aspin-Brown Commission on the Parts and Competences of the United States Intellect Community, and order being recruited by the House and Senate boards depended with oversight. The goal of the Task Force is to add to those tries and accomplish a extra taught open reasonable talk over the destiny of U.S. learning.



Our essential mission is to gather and pass on the fundamental data the president and individuals from the policymaking, law authorization, and military groups require to execute their delegated obligations

Overview of the Intelligence Community

The U.S. Knowledge Community Consist of 17 organizations is a huge, complex structure, sorted out and worked in accordance with a large number of laws, official requests, arrangements, and mandates. Parts of its association and operation are examined in point of interest inside the group of this report. The motivation behind the accompanying examination is to give a generally, really distorted, photograph of the Community and how it functions, and to serve as a basis for those new to the subject.

The fundamental piece of knowledge is not difficult to get it. It is to give propitious, material information to U.S. policymakers, chiefs, and warfighters. Completing this mission incorporates tasking, social affair, changing, exploring, and scattering knowledge, for the most part implied as the “information cycle.”

The Role of Intelligence

The parts and missions of knowledge are not static. They are influenced by changes on the planet, in innovation, and in the Government’s requirements. Every President must choose where knowledge organizations ought to think their endeavors.

The Commission sees four utilitarian parts for knowledge offices gathering, investigation, incognito activity, and counterintelligence-and also various “missions” regarding giving substantive backing to specific administrative capacities. There are complexities in each of the utilitarian parts, however secret activity (i.e., operations to impact conditions in different nations without the inclusion of the United States being recognized or obvious) remains the most disputable. The Commission presumes that an ability to lead clandestine activities ought to be kept up to furnish the President with a choice shy of military activity when discretion alone can’t carry out the employment. Backing to U.S. strategy, military operations and protection arranging ought to keep on constituting the primary missions of the Intelligence Community. Countering illegal exercises abroad which undermine U.S. intrigues, including terrorism, opiates trafficking, expansion of weapons of mass pulverization, and worldwide composed wrongdoing are additionally progressively critical missions.

The increment in the accessibility of openly accessible data may allow some lessening in the present level of push to dissect the economies of different nations. The Commission emphatically underpins the present arrangement precluding insight offices from taking part in “mechanical secret activities,” i.e., utilizing furtive intends to get data from remote business firms for the advantage of a U.S. contender. It is suitable, on the other hand, for insight organizations to answer to perceptive authorities at the Departments of State and/or Commerce confirmation of unreasonable exchange works on being embraced by or with the learning of different governments to the drawback of U.S. firms.

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Backing to law requirement and administrative organizations is a real mission however asks for such bolster must be thoroughly assessed to guarantee that insight offices have the capacity to make a helpful commitment. The Commission likewise sees the procurement of backing to U.S. offices concerned with natural and wellbeing issues outside the United States as a true blue, though restricted, mission.


Requirements in the knowledge bunch’s (IC) load of assertion staff destroy the aptitude to center the extent to which the eight nonmilitary faculty IC segments -the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Office Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), and six fragments inside the Sections of Energy, Homeland Security, , State, Justice and the Treasury- -usage these staff. The IC Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) behaviors a yearly load of focus agreement workforce that fuses info on the number and costs of these staff. Regardless, GAO perceived different requirements in the stock that through and through most extreme the likeness, precision, and reliability of the info reported by the consistent resident IC parts all in all.

Foreign Intelligence on Terrorist Threats

The unfathomable and complex understanding gathering all collect information. Associations diversely have limits for gathering, examination, or both. Info is directed to the National Counterterrorism Center, which reports to the DNI.

Sure counter-understanding workplaces to secure military forces are by and large assembled limits named Counter intelligence Force Protection Source Operations (CFSO). These are the report to military levels of initiative for straight support, yet sort out unfriendly doings through the NCS. Each noteworthy military organization has a counter-information limit: U.S. Outfitted drive Counter Intelligence, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI),and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), once before (NIS). NCIS serves the US Marine Corps. NOTE: The U.S. Marine Corps furthermore has Counterintelligence/Tactical HUMINT assets (CI/HUMINT). There is in like manner a sweeping Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA).

Internal Security and Police

Private counter-knowledge are fundamentally below Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a law prerequisite organization. The FBI and CIA together work the National Counterterrorism Center, despite the way that the CIA is not allowable to do field operations inside the US.

The clue office for violence law necessity is the FBI, despite the way that different components of the Section of Homeland Security may give reinforce. There is the test of what affiliations, laws, and teachings are noteworthy to security against an extensive variety of violence in one’s own specific country. Development organizations, once in the past below the United States Migration and Naturalization Service (INS) traded from the Department of Justice to the Department of Homeland Security in March 2003.

The association of development organizations, counting enduring home, naturalization, shelter, and distinctive limits transformed into the commitment of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS), existed only for a brief time before altering to its available designation, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The analytical and approval limits (numbering examinations, removing, and knowledge) were united by U.S. Conventions operators, the Federal Protective Service, then the Federal Air Marshal Service, to make U.S. Movement and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The periphery components of the INS, which fused the Border Patrol close by INS Inspectors, were solidified with U.S. Customs Inspectors into the as of late made U.S. Conventions and Border Protection (CBP).


Counter terrorism is a often as possible synonymous with state wrongdoing. This state wrongdoing is quite much greater number of genuine then the brutality that is supposedly terrorism being countered. Counter terrorism is likewise often counter gainful in term of its expressed point of anticipation on the grounds that is support the kind of viciousness by non-state performs that draws in the mark terrorism smugness over state roughness is not defended by historical backdrop of counter terrorism. State, through the military police and knowledge and security administrations have gigantic ability to constrain and dispense roughness. It is not amazing than that state wrongdoings masked as counter terrorism are in charge of human enduring on a more prominent scale then the savagery by non-state performing artists that is named terrorism

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