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A Taxonomy of Attacks and a Survey of Defence Mechanisms for Semantic Social Engineering Attacks

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Abstract Social engineering has increased the vulnerabilities in today’s technological world. There are six types of social engineering attacks; baiting, phishing, email hacking and contact spamming, pretexting, quid pro quo and tailgating.  Understanding how to avoid the attacks and what you can do to protect yourself is key to maintaining the […]

Boeing Security Mechanisms

1. Some virtual teams at Boeing have discussions focused on military aircraft. Do some Internet research on UC security mechanisms and identify and briefly describe several that Boeing should have in place to ensure the privacy and integrity of such discussions?   As associations began depending more on brought together interchanges, the administration of voice, […]

Causes of the British Public’s Hostility to Migrants

“‘Brexit’ and the ‘migration crisis’ are just the most recent examples of migrants being presented as a threat.’” Discuss with reference to securitisation literature. In recent years, there has been a seemingly exponential increase in the British public’s hostility towards migration. For the most part, migrants are no longer viewed in a positive light by […]

Business Proposal to Porivde Cyber Security Protection

Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Background 3. Proposal Option 1 Do nothing Option 2 Build a Cyber security team Option 3 Outsourcing to an External company 4. Risk assessment 5. Market Research 5. Setting up an internal security team Roles and Responsibilities Chief Security Officer  /IT Manager Security/network analyst The incident response team Audit Management Specialists: Change control Security […]

Causes of the Spread of Islamic Terrorist Groups

Account for the spread and expansion of Islamic terrorist groups in the contemporary world.   Following a peak in 2014, deaths from terrorism have fallen for the third consecutive year. The fall in deaths is reflected in the Global Terrorism Scores, which show that 94 countries are improving, compared to 46 that have deteriorated. This […]

Causes of Private Security Industry Growth

The increase in criminal activity and the heightened fear of crime, has led to the growth of the private security industry. This paper will address the expansion of private security and discuss the extent to which the services offered by private security reflects those that are offered by the state. It will firstly locate the […]

Challenges to Combating Domestic Terrorism in the US

Combating Domestic Terrorism: A Problem-Solution Analysis Abstract The biggest problem faced today in United States Homeland Security is combating both domestic terrorism and lone wolf terrorism. This report will focus on the problems faced today by United States Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in combating domestic terrorism, while providing solutions on […]

Challenges in Countering Terrorism

“What are the roles and the limitations of US intelligence community in countering terrorist threats? “ Maitha Yousif Mohammed   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Knowledge investigation tries to give vital data in a convenient way to help policymakers from the president on down settle on better choices. The data and judgments must be related to what policymakers […]

Challenges in Predicting Terrorism

Evaluate the claim that however thoroughly the security manager plans and prepares, acts of terrorism are always unpredictable and this makes terrorism a form of risk that is ultimately impossible to manage. ———————————————————- Despite being unpredictable, the consequences of terrorism can be sufficiently contained by thorough planning and preparation. It would be impossible for a […]

Challenges to Fighting Transnational Terror Networks

Traditional State Power limitation in dealing with Transnational Terrors Networks: and the role of Social Media Governments have been phased with challenging situations when implementing effective counterinsurgency measures against rebel groups that override national boundaries; even despite superior power. For example, the Afghan government and U.S./NATO coalitions forces and their inability to defeat Taliban and […]