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Power point presentation is a great way to support a speech and visualize cumbersome concepts. These presentations when created and presented effectively can be an asset to the company.It is said it is worth investing time, money and knowledge to draft fine crafted power point presentation as in result they are used as marketing tools, promotional strategy, are inclined towards effective communication. When used wisely they will promote the sales and business of the organization and help it to reach towards pinnacle.

This article will help you in making best power point presentation.

1. Make it clear and easy.

2. Clarify points within the subject.

3. Have a practice session.

4. Be narrative.

Let’s look into more detailed explanations about the guide, which will be the best ppt guide for you.

Create an organized draft; you will use it as a base for your PowerPoint presentation. It will be your power point helper. This must be exhaustive which covers whole of the subject which we need to present.

Lay down the Plan:

Based on your draft, draw up a plan how to create your presentation. Draw up an illustration board on a piece of paper, boards help you to arrange your slides in an organized manner. You can sketch frames and graphics how they will look which will give you proper idea about presentation and it will facilitate it.

Composing slides:

Keep the design very easily and simple, it should not distract from main subject. Your letters should be beneficial and conversational. Use appropriate colors and visuals, that will help ignite interest of your audience. You slide should enhance your speech. A picture speaks worth than thousand words. Play with colors; keep it easy on mind and good on contrast. You can check the colors with the color contrast calculator. Its impact on audience must be pacing right not too fast not too slow .You can embed youtube videos directly into the slides.

Read the points directly:

Don’t introduce your presentation, have an intro that is short, precise and clear. Go straight to the main topic. Your presentations should not move away from the core of your topic. One of the most common mistakes of power point presentation is they jump to the topic which is not relevant and not connected to the main focus of the presentation.

Power point presentation is an enhancing tool for you; it helps you to get across the message. It is not the star; your message is. Slides are only there to support, not to replace your talk. Keep it straight and simple, no sentences. It is your message summary of your data and story. Presentation helper has a large selection of free power point templates for a variety of subjects, use bullet points to highlight your presentation.

Use Visual:

Your visuals should be big enough for the size of your audience .Gestures should be made according to audience. If you have a way to check your venue, go and check before you create your gestures. This is widely known as actual ocular inspection (AOI).Doing this will help you decide on what font size and what size for graphics. It will also help you plan how big your body gestures should be.

• Easy to identify

• Easy to comprehend

• Use appropriate colors, shapes, templates and globally accepted symbols.

Here are few more highlights regarding ppt.

In communication, you may connect with the thoughts of which you are talking with and it will help you to create thought and topics to discuss but while presenting, you are on the spot and need to time to present your topic clearly and effectively. Fail to deliver a clear and easy message and your audience will be in dilemma which can have an impact on your performance as well.

So what makes an impactful presentation?

• Your audience understands the topic much better.

• They remember the important and relevant points.

• They are inspired to take an action.

• The audience is equipped to share your message.

To summarize everything, effective PowerPoint presentations are on target, punchy and short.
Still if you are finding it difficult to prepare your power point presentation assignment and looking for a PPT helper then you are at the right place. Studybay.net have a dedicated team of expert presentation experts who have excelled the art of preparing presentations using multiple tools, to make the presentation impactful and help students to convey their message related to their assignment with ease and perfection.


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