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Web Copy: The Key To Successful Internet Commerce

Without a doubt, the Internet has solidified its status as a commercial powerhouse. Despite its origins as a means of exchanging scientific information between universities, the Internet has blossomed into an unlimited commercial landscape, where anything from automobiles to earphones can be purchased with just a few clicks of a mouse. Billions upon billions of dollars are spent every year through web commerce. Despite these incredible numbers, countless Internet businesses fail each day. The main reason for this is a lack of customization. Web companies that use customized web copy consistently generate higher buy rates from their web pages.

Customer/Web Page Interaction – A Unique Form of Persuasion

The possibility of interaction between the online customer and the web page is a completely unique form of marketing. It combines the persuasive elements of television while still allowing for an individualized communication with the customer. Because of this unique relationship between the online customer and the web page, the quality of the web copy is extremely important. Web copy must be customized to the particular type web page for any degree of success. The following steps will allow you to properly customize your web copy to the specific needs of your target customers.

Step One toward Great Web Copy: Determine Your Objective

The purpose for the creation of a web page varies from business to business. The particular objective of a web page must be determined before any effective web copy can be written. Will the website be used to promote your current line of products, or will it be used to promote the launch of a new product line? Will the web page be used to increase traffic to another site, or will the web page stand on its own? Will the customer be able to buy directly from the website, or will the website simply provide information on products and how they can be purchased offline. All these questions and more must be addressed before the creation of web copy can begin.

Step Two toward Effective Web Copy: Define Your Target Audience

Marketing savvy professionals know that one of the most important aspects in successful product promotion is to know the target audience. This concept also applies toward the creation of successful web copy. The methods of interaction that your choice of words will create will vary depending upon what audience you are attempting to reach. Obviously, if your target audience happens to be those of retirement age, you will not create web copy that is laden with hip-hop slang or use references toward current pop icons. Conversely, if you are attempting to reach a youthful audience you will not use dated terminology or make references to cultural events that happened before your target audience was born.

Step Three toward Winning Web Copy: Identify Your Target’s Desires

Successful web copy targets its audience’s desires. By targeting and then stimulating those desires, well-written web copy persuades visitors to perform the particular objective of the website. The particular desire that the web copy targets may have nothing to do with the objective, but by targeting those desires the customer is exposed to a high level of basic persuasion. The desires of the target audience will vary greatly between market segments, and it is important to recognize this before creating the web copy. For example, does your target audience desire to fit in with the crowd, or does the target audience wish to express its individuality? Does the target audience desire intense, unpredictable experiences, or does it desire safety and predictability. Understanding your target audiences desires will allow for the creation of customized web copy.
If you follow these three important steps before entering the creation process, you can be sure that the copywriting process and your final web copy has the necessary customization for success.

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