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The feminist therapy

equal society free from sexism, racism, and heterosexism. Feminist Therapists believe in the need to account for a person’s social, cultural and political standings in order to understand that individual. In society unfortunately there are many gender related expectations and it is important to be aware of these expectations because of how it may affect our lives, choices about our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Because these gender roles are placed upon us at such a young age we tend to accept them without even thinking if it is right for our personality. Interdependence and striving for connections with others are ideals central to the development of women and should be viewed as strengths not weaknesses. Both men and women are encouraged to challenge their traditional roles and act according to their situation rather then there expected gender role. The goal of this therapy is to refocus the client’s view of themselves and also strive to change their understanding of society. Both male and female roles are accepted and valued equally with no preference towards one or the other. The therapist client relationship is one of equality and hared power, just like the ideal view of society. This therapy is done in hopes of empower clients to change their and brake the boundaries of society. This is done in hopes that the client will reevaluate their lives and make a change.

In our society I feel that there is an implied dominance of males over females and I believe that this can best be seen in the youth of our society. Just the other day I had to handle a conflict between a 10 year old girl and her 11 year old boyfriend, he had been hitting her and calling her names for weeks but still she wanted to stay with him for reasons I apparently cannot comprehend. Abusive relationships is something that is seen all too often in teen girls. The need for companionship leads them to accepting these negative behaviors.

The technique that may help this problem would be Gender Role Analysis and Gender Role Intervention. This would hopefully help the girls in relationships such as these realize that the role of “weaker” sex is not helping them in any way. The therapist would ask the client what role she thinks society expects her to take and how society looks at the roles of men and women. If the therapist can successfully make the teen aware of the expectations then hopefully she can reject the ideas that don’t work for her and because less submissive. These girls are usually empowered by being told that they are role models for other women and that they should be a part of social action helping other women in situations like theirs. Seeing others with problems like their own can help to bring about change in their lives because they can feel that they are not alone.

Postmodern Approaches

In the postmodernist approach it is believed that our reality is based on societal and political views, rather than on fact. The book states that reality is socially constructed and as such society decides when a thought or behavior is deviant and becomes an issue. Postmodernists see the importance of the client’s view of reality with worrying if it is correct or normal. A therapy that I found interesting and potentially helpful to people is the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, this therapy focuses on solutions not problems. I enjoyed this section because it makes a good point that you don’t need to know what or why of a problem in order to overcome it. The first step in this therapy is pointing out the positives in their lives and directing the client to focus on those positives rather than dwell on the problems. This is done in hopes that the client will find a solution to problem rather than stressing over it. To me this makes a lot of since because in live we tend to look at the bad rather than looking at the good, if we can take our attention off the bad then we can get a better attitude and hopefully reevaluate what is causing the situation.

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