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Impact of Public Issues on Personal Lives


According to Charles Wright Mills’ journal, it is about sociology and the focus are on the public and private distinction, while this journal is talking about the audience and individual issues as it appears in our society as well as our private lives.



This journal has included the public and individual difference, according to (Bailey, J. 2000) sociologists have supported the idea that was the private social. According to Slater,1998, formerly the distinction has represented as an antinomy becoming on one of the sociology data oppositions. However, according to Fahey,1995, he has made the point that the private problems have stages of public issues and individual issues. While general topics and closed issues both have used to challenge the notion that for the private lacks of the public.


Nowadays the personal troubles compared with public issues in those of the personal problems is experienced by the individual, within the series of the direct relationships with others, while it is concerned with sense of the self and areas of the social life to be which is the best of the individual is nearly of the responsive. On the other hand, in public issues there are some issues that was transcend in the people and their environment, concerned with many locations and situated within the broader structural state in which personal live, while according to Mills 1959, ‘An issue is a public matter, some value cherished by publics is felt to be threatened.’

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According to C.Wright Mills 2005, he stated that both public issues and personal problem are related with one extra. According to Anonymous 2017, he has  showed the demonstrated mentioned factors were playing an important part in their own lives which may later affect any individual to have personal problems. Thus, these personal problems may become with public issues. While in the personal troubles happen within the character of an individual and compare with the range of his immediate relations with others. Moreover, the public issues transcend the local environment of the personal and some of the choice of his internal lifer.

Public issues and Private troubles theorise


According to John D, Brewer, Mills have famously staked of social claim to be the study of the intersection. There are private problems and public issues since there is located the discipline as well as the study of the individuals within their social structure of context. For example, according to (Coser 1993, Halsey, 1996 and Whyte 1994), in terms of their originators such as a tradition of social reformism and analysis in the USA of sociology data from the people. However, the interfaces were present as some of the individual’s of private problem. While Mills has tried different ways to the public and private intersected in Mills own life to the influence in his depiction of their correlation in the sociology.

According to Mills 1959, there are many wells of public issues as well as many of private troubles are styled in terms of the ‘the psychiatric’ it is in a pathetic attempt to avoid the significant problems and the problem of modern society. However, in that statement seems like to rest upon a provincial of interest to the western nations, it is randomly discover the individual life from the more significant state within in which that similar life is enacted, and which on-time bear upon it more grievously than do it the intimate environment of the childhood.

On the other hand,  to being with one of the social problems is too many personal problems in the society. For example, a social problem is like an unemployment can lead to serious personal problems, such as depression and financial problems. It will also lead to another social problem like area wasting or the spreads to the whole of society.

Additional case of unemployment


Nowadays most of the undergraduate young adults are still difficult to find their job, even though the unemployment rate is not as high as before. From BBC news there have shown unemployment in Wales has fallen below in UK level back, in the figure has shown the rate of unemployment of % aged 16 or over in Wales it is between June to August there was 4% in the UK as a whole it has remained 4.3%. According to BBC news, the lowest rate it is since for Wales was 25 years ago, nowadays in Wales of unemployment it is smaller than between March and May and 5000 is lower than a year ago.

Moreover, between June and August in Wales experienced the second significant drop in the unemployment after in the West Midlands. In Wales there have such as a high of a level of people who are styled as quiet, that might be Wales has one of the lowest levels of employment. In that reason might in Wales will have the lowest range of the employment rate.

The figure shows the Employment in Wales. We can look through the figure, some additional workers are come from the pool of the “economically inactive”, some of the people were not working, it is because they have many different reasons for example sick or different life or health problem. However, in October 2018, it is the highest of the economically in Employment of Wales. However, the most of the other nations and regions in the UK there is increase in employment it was depend the people who has unimplemented.

While in economic inactivity rate of % ages 16-64, the figure shows that in Wales, around 23% of working age of people excluding students are economically inactive while  there is about 20.7% and the highest level in Southeast of Wales, that figure has shown starting from 2014-2015 the rate is increasing until 2017 and then starting to decrease, according to Sarah Dickins 2017, he has been demonstrated that most of the young people thought the UK was edging towards full of employment such as a level of work that the economy might be reasonably sustained in the long turn. In economic inactivity rate graph, compared the figure of 2012-2015 with 2017, there is a big trend in Wales.

In this unemployment of economically active people statistic, from 2012 to 2016 it shows a significant fall in unemployment because some of the areas of Wales may have increased number of jobs. However, although Wales has a lower rate of the unemployment than the UK another city, most of the undergraduate are still difficult to find a job.

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In this figure, it has shown the unemployment rate jumps in Wales from BBC news compared with other UK cities, while Wales has also seen the big range in the unemployment of all the UK city side, it is regions up 6000 to 71,000 between May and July in 2016.

According to Business Wire 2018, unemployment is also a risk for elderly workforce in the Netherlands after reforms in early exit, while there is more than and a half of Dutch of working population in their mid of the fifties work until there is retirement of their age, there are many early of the routes out of the labor in the market.

On the other hand, most of the people get some different types of pension or benefits before they are retiring on their old age pension. For example, in Netherland and Wales the unemployment or sickness sometimes result in an early, permanent exit from the labor market. According to Minister Ken Skates, he pointed out that in the UK government “chaotic approach to Brexit” have not made many different types of things to share with small business company.


To conclude, public issues and personal problem are interacting and affecting each another.  Public issues such as unemployment may result in different personal problems such as emotional issues and thus result in another public issue.

In the case of unemployment in Wales, most of the young person are still difficult to find their job, that might give the high-level risk in Wales.



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