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Impact of Emotions on an Employees Job Performance

Emotions are pure human psychological phenomena. Employee is critically affected by their behaviors in the workplace. An employee’s emotions and overall temperament have a significant impact on his job performance, decision making skills, team sprit, and leadership and turnover .What employee’s feel and how they express their emotions affects their performance. Emotions directly influence on decision making, creativity and interpersonal relations. This research study analyzes the effects of emotions on employee’s job performance and investigates relationship between anger, interest, and trust of individual in work place with job performance. Results showed that emotions in the workplace were considered important in relation to employee well being and job satisfaction only. Anger often leads to aggressions towards colleagues while sadness leads to dissatisfaction with the job. An emotion like anger, interest trust is not instantaneous, nor is it prolonged like a mood; rather emotion is a brief episode of synchronized changes in mind and body which directly effects employee’s performance.


Employee’s job performance is effected in numerous way for instance earnings, turnover, performance awards, job attendance, and subjective performance .impact of workplace education programs can also effect employee’s job performance .on job place, some sort of technical education always required to employees, it support them to enhance their performance. in manufacturing business workplace education has great impact on earning and insignificant impact on service

company. Insufficient workplace education will lead to increase turnover .more turnover declining the performance of firm (Alen et al, 1998). Stewart et al, (1991) investigate that, Managerial behavior and job performance are closely interrelated variables. Behavior of managerial practices in different culture and countries has different results on job performance. Their results showed that American’s manager performing managerial functions in U.S.A, same as American’s manager performing managerial function in Hong Kong. It is shown that manager’s job performance is not effected by diversified culture and different societal values and working environment. There is vital role of gender on job performance evaluation, job performance attributes and advancements prospects. Magid et al, (1995) showed that gender differences issues always be problem for organizations because women are perceived not so work hard as men especially in tough working environment. Such issues provide less chance to women for advancements in their career which definitely effected their performance also less chances of promotion. Working with diversified workforce tends to be a great problem for today’s employees. Issues of races, cultures, language or belonging to different religion simply cannot be ignored by organizations. Among these, employees belonging to different races always facing potential problems providing their best job performance. Jeffrey H.Greenhause et al,(1990) showed that ,Career outcomes for black and white managers from different organization are different . It is viewed that black mangers are less acceptable then white managers, they perceived themselves as having less rating from their supervisors. There promotability also effected. They get low career satisfaction. it is viewed that race is effected directly and indirectly on job performance On the job learning, experience and individual characteristics effects the job performance. Finding shows that, strong learning effects on job performance. If learning programs is given to employees then their job performance will enhance. It is examined that turnover negatively effect job performance. John H. Bishop (1990), showed that when employees are not satisfied with their jobs obviously they think to switch their jobs to somewhere else ultimately effect their job performance. There is another variable which effect job performance is wage growth. If wage growth is sustained over the period, this will affect employees potentially. Their motivation level decreases which ultimately effected work performance .job matching is potentially major cause of wage growth., social networks are also effecting job performance .Raymond T. Sparrowe et al (2001) showed that, in every organization there is separate social networks and employee’s behaviors and performance vary with the variation of social networks. Some organization prefers individual work and some provide opportunity to work in groups. Employees who love to work as individual not fit to work in groups. individual positions in social networks and individual and group performance is been examined .Alan M. Saks et al (1998) showed that, as employees growing in their age as their job performance decreases researcher found the negative relationship between age and job performance .Mark John Somers et al 1998), showed Job performance is also effected by various types of work related commitment. .job involvement related job performance intrinsically rewarding elements of work, and career commitment positively related overall performance effectiveness. Michael C. Ashton (1998), investigate that Employee’s personnel traits influence greatly job performance. Employee’s strong personality helps enhancing his job performance. Every individual has different set of personality traits. Loose personality employees never survive longer in the organization. Competitive organization always needs rich interpersonal skills of employees. William R. Bowman and Stephen L. Mehay (2002), investigate that Effect of college quality and individual academic background on employee’s job performance. Quality of education at college level also effect job performance. Ultimately when employees enter in practical life or joining any organization. The authors find that graduates of private schools, regardless of college quality, received better performance appraisals than did other officers. Clifford P. McCue and Gerasimos A. Gianakis (1997), showed that There is very close relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. as much employee satisfied with his job , more will be his job performance. There is positive relationship between moral judgment and job performance .David Chan, Neal Schmitt, Danielle Jennings (1999)showed that , Job relevant basic English proficiency help in predicting job performance and promotability .Results shows that , audio and reading tests help a lot in predicting overall job performance and promotablity. José R. Goris et al (2003), showed that Trust on superiors by the employees and influence of superiors play their role on job performance and job satisfaction. more trust on superiors more will be anticipation by them, which in different terms effecting employees job performance Situational factors influence on organizational behaviors .it examine how relative contributions of psychological well- being positive mood and negative mood as predictors of job performance .William D. Reisel et al (2005) showed that , Job insecurity perceive different meaning in different working environment among different employees. Job insecurity whatever it’s meaning has always negative impact on job performance.

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Emotions and employee’s job performance

Employee’s job performance is depends on the emotions of employee’s in the workplace


Employee’s Job performance


Ho: There is a relationship between employee emotions and employee job performance,

H1: There is no relationship between employee emotions and employee job performance


Variable Explanation:

Independent Variables:


Emotions are basically internal feelings or reaction of any situation. Emotions play vital role in every person life. Both positive and negative emotions effect individual’s personality or his professional career. An emotion is a mental and psychological state related to wide range of feelings, thoughts, and changes in body behaviors. As Emotion is subjective variable so it is difficult to measure .For many of us emotions are very personal states and many aspects of emotion seem insensible to us. We take three elements of emotions that are anger, trust and interest. Anger is basic human emotion that is experience by all. It mostly occur under unpleasant situation, opposing of long held views, facing difficulty in getting something , not good supportive role by others people with you etc. during performing job, anger is critical emotion effecting working environment. It creates some sort of motivation or diverts your attention towards the matter which becomes cause of anger. Like anger, trust is also important emotion of human being. Trust is both rational and emotional act. Emotions connected with trust include friendship, closeness, love, union, relaxation, comfort. Trust means being able to forecast what other people will do and what situations will occur. If we can enclose ourselves with people we trust, then we can make our present and future better. Interest is a feeling or emotion that causes attention to focus on an object or an event or a process. Interest expresses mental excitement of various kinds and degrees.

Dependent variable:


Your ability to perform effectively in your job requires that you have and understand a complete and up-to-date job description for your position, and that you understand the job performance requirements and standards that you are expected to meet. Your supervisor should review your job description and performance requirements with you. . It most commonly refers to whether a person performs their job well. Despite the confusion over how it should be exactly defined, performance is an extremely important criterion that relates to organizational outcomes and success. Individual performance is generally determined by three factors. Motivation, the desire to do the job, ability, the capability to do the job, and the work environment, the tools, materials, and information needed to do the job.

Sample summary

I have collected information about job performance from 210 employees. I have used restricted probability sampling. And in restricted sampling, used systematic probability sampling because I have chosen specific number from the population. I have gathered information by using closed ended questionnaire technique. Interval scale are used in our research and divided into five linkerd scales that are 1. Strongly Disagree, 2. Disagree, 3. Uncertain / neutral, 4. Agree, 5. Strongly agree, so that I have restricted the employees on basis of these five options. I categorized population into gender that are male and female. I are selected the random organizations from where collected the relevant information.











Nominal scale is being used to check the total number of male and female.



Age of respondends







41& above




Nominal scale is being used to check the age of employees.

Data Analysis and Interpretation


Descriptive Statistics



Std. Deviation





Job Performance




Descriptive statistics are used to describe the basic features of the data in a study. They provide simple summaries about the sample and the measures. Together with simple graphics analysis, they form the basis of virtually every quantitative analysis of data. Descriptive statistics help us to simply large amounts of data in a sensible way.

Table shows the overall response of our sampling (Mean) in organizations consisting of 209 peoples.. Their response towards employee’s job performance as a dependent variable is 4.0223 which shows that they are neutral neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, regarding to this variable respondents deviate from their mean equal to .38463. Response towards Emotions as an independent variable is 3.6928 which shows that they are neutral neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. Regarding to this variable respondents deviate from their mean equal to .38223.

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Job Performance



The correlation is one of the most common and most useful statistics. A correlation is a single number that describes the degree of relationship between two variables. correlation is the phenomenon of seeing the relationship one expects in a set of data even when no such relationship existsb.

Correlation table shows the interdependency of variables like how much dependent variable depend on independent variables. The table shows that one time change in Emotions brings .597 changes in job performance of employees. Which shows their is positive relationship between Job performance of employees and Emotions


Model Summary


R Square



Model summary table shows R, R squared, adjusted R squared. The value of R (.597) for model produced by the regression procedure is very much within the range of 0 to 1. The values of R indicate stronger relationships. R squared (.356) is the proportion of variation in the dependent variable explained by the regression model. The value of R squared is also within the range of 0 to 1. So, there is a 35.3 % relationship between dependent variable job performance of employees and independent variables Emotions



Sum of Squares


Mean Square
















The analysis of variance (ANOVA) is the most widely used method of statistical analysis of quantitative data. It calculates the probability that differences among the observed means could simply be due to chance. It is closely related to Student’s t-test, but whereas the t-test is only suitable for comparing two treatment means the ANOVA can be used both for comparing several means and in more complex situations.

The ANOVA table shows that the F value of 114.473 is significant at the 0.20 level. In the df (degree of freedom) in the same table, the first number represent the number of independent variables (1), the second number (207) is the total number of complete responses for all the variables in the equation (N) Square Means is 10.957.



Standardized Coefficients









A numerical measure of a physical or chemical property that is constant for a system under specified conditions such as the coefficient of friction. Number or symbol multiplied with a variable or an unknown quantity in an algebraic term. it is the product of all the factors of a term excluding one or more specified variables.

One of the most important tables is the coefficient table. This table show one to one relationship of variables. The’t’ value of independent variables indicates its efficiency, means how much variables are efficient and their relation with dependent variable Emotion is 10.699. This indicates Emotion variable is more efficient


This study shows that there is strong influence of once emotions on his performance. Now organizations are practicing too much effort in defining and measuring performance. More specifically, emotions comprises of wide variety of feelings, thoughts etc. analysis of the study determines that currently employees working in different organizations highly affected their work performance by their emotions. Our study primarily describes emotions like anger, trust and interest. Finding shows that employees mostly get anger by heavy work, behavior of subordinates and attitude of boss. Behavior of employees towards work is now more important then ever before. For better performance of organizations they must have such employees who have strong control on their emotions. Trust and interest are more important where nature of work of organization is team oriented. Study shows that most of the employees of today’s organization don’t trust on their boss and subordinates. This lack of trust by one another effect their performance .in private organizations , finding shows that young employees have more interest in their work and love to do work in challenging environment . This study show results only few elements of emotions rest of elements need deep study to work on the future but this study will helps in analyzing the emotions and the importance this with the job performance of any employees .The Limitations of this research, however, indicate a need and an opportunity for more research on this appealing subject. Additionally, this study has provided support for the performance evaluators by providing new dimensions which influence employee’s job performance.

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First of all we are thankful to ALMIGHTY ALLAH (GOD) by whose grace i have managed to complete this article successfully .Also thanks a lot my university teachers.Who offered us the opportunity to work on this very challenging and interesting article . I am also thankful to all the departments for providing us sufficient and authentic information relating to my article.

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