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How to teach a dog to Stay

How to teach a dog to Stay

Training a dog involves the positive strengths and encouragement. To train a dog to stay when commanded is a useful advantage in many situations. It requires proper time, patience and determination though it is a simple process. This type of behavior of the dog is beneficial to the dog’s owner. When the dog gets over excited or does not behave properly, then the owner can settle his dog by commanding him to stay.

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Effective training can be provided to the dog in a calm and quiet location so that the dog can concentrate on the owner’s training without any distraction. Do not try to train your dog when he is in the excited mood.

The first thing to start with the training is to make your dog sit and get its attention towards you. Do not provide any reward to the dog before the training. Once the dog is seated in front of you, just say the word “stay”. After sometime, move to the side of the dog and behind the dog but do not move away from your dog. If your dog does not move then offer him a treat. You can try to go a bit away from the dog. But, he gets up from his place and moves around you, then place him in the original location and command him to sit. Repeat this process until the dog gets seated in his position even if you move away from him. In the initial stage, let your dog sit only for 15 to 20 minutes.

Once the dog continues to sit and stay at the same place even if you are moving, then proceed further to the next step. Now start increasing the distance from the dog. Instruct the dog to sit at the same place as before and you try to move some yards away from your dog. Reward the dog as before if he does not move from its position. Start increasing the time as the dog understands the command to stay. Train your dog in such a way that he will remain in the seated position without a move when you are out of that room for some time.

Here are some additional tips with basic techniques to successfully train a dog to stay. During the training session of a dog, you should remain generous in treating your dog as well as in giving the rewards. Try to keep the sessions of small duration at least in the beginning. You can take several sessions in a day of 10-15 minutes. Instruct your dog by making it as a game. The dog cannot immediately understand your commands. So, if it does not perform up to your mark, then instead of punishing him, just do not reward him. Remember that not to provide any kind of training when the dog is in dangerous situation or any bad circumstances. Try to get him out of that situation and make him feel relax by diverting his mind in playing his favorite games.


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