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Examples of Implied Metaphor

An implied metaphor is a type of metaphor that compares two unlike things, but it does so without mentioning one of them. Instead, it implies the comparison by using a word or phrase that describes the unmentioned term and makes the comparison in that way.

Implied Metaphors: An Unmentioned Comparison

Here are some examples of implied metaphors:

  • Samuel brayed his refusal to leave the party peacefully. (Compares Samuel to a donkey)
  • Angrily Sonia barked commands at her child. (Compares Sonia to a dog)
  • Andy’s wife asked him to fetch their dinner. (Compares Andy to a dog)
  • Tony tucked his tail and ran. (Compares Tony to a scared dog)
  • Beth was drowning in love. (Compares Beth to someone drowning and compares love to water)
  • Jennifer purred over the lavish present. (Compares Mary to a cat)
  • The leaves were fluttering in the breeze. (Compares leaves to butterflies)
  • The Porsche crouched before the race, growling in anticipation. (Compares the Porsche to a big cat)
  • When Todd’s deception was found out, he left with his tail between his legs. (Compares Todd to an ashamed dog)
  • Alex was chomping at the bit to have his turn. (Compares Alex to a horse)
  • Harry squawked when the teacher ordered him to detention. (Compares Harry to a bird)
  • Zeus bellowed his commands to his subjects. (Compares Zeus to a bull)
  • Elmer galloped to the store. (Compares Elmer to a horse)
  • The words nourished his bruised ego. (Compares words to food)
  • She lured him into her web. (Compares her to a spider)
  • Wanda sailed through her exams in no time. (Compares Wanda to a sailboat)
  • The flowers nodded in the wind. (Compares flowers to people)
  • At the party, the men orbited the super model. (Compares men to planets)
  • The paparazzi circled over the young singing sensation. (Compares paparazzi to vultures)
  • She cackled at the kids to get off her lawn. (Compares her to a witch)
  • The hostess spent the entire party buzzing from table to table. (Compares the hostess to a bee or fly)
  • Justin’s smile radiated throughout the room. (Compares Justin’s smile to the sun)
  • The snow swaddled the hillside. (Compares snow to a blanket and the hillside to a baby)
  • Philip’s anger grew until it erupted. (Compares anger to a volcano)
  • The colors of the sunset were leafy orange and yellow. (Compares the sunset to autumn leaves)
  • To keep the peace, Alice steered away from confrontation. (Compares Alice to a driver)
  • The pregnant woman waddled into the delivery room. (Compares a pregnant woman to a duck or goose)
  • “Science is dangerous; we have to keep it most carefully chained and muzzled.” Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, p. 225 (Compares science to a vicious dog)
  • Armando slithered to Doris and hissed, “I am here, dear.” (Compares Armando to a snake)
  • Love sometimes has dangerous thorns. (Compares love to a rose)
  • Ahmed wound his way through the crowd to get a better view. (Compares Ahmed to an ivy or other vine)
  • Bigotry infects the soul. (Compares bigotry to a disease)
  • Her thoughtless remarks slashed his ego. (Compares remarks to a knife)
  • The couple shed their clothes and jumped into the hot springs. (Compares the couple to snakes shedding their skin)

After reviewing these examples of implied metaphors, it is easier to see how the comparison can be made between two items, even if one item is just implied.

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