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Cause and Effect Essay Writing Ausrtalia: 5 Causes and Effects You Can Use in Your Writing

Effects You Can Use in Your Writing

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Understanding the relationship between cause and effect is an important part of learning and as such writing an essay around it is often a common task that you will be set. This style of essay can be approached typically in 2 ways at our Australian essay writing service: looking at the causes of a specific effect such as what causes pollution or looking at the effects of a specific cause such as the physical effects of pollution on the environment." />

Cause and effect essay writing Australia is not always a simple task, not just because of the time and effort required to do the writing in the correct format. When writing a cause and effect essay Sydney you also have to consider if you have the right causes and effects. There is a huge amount of argument for instance over whether man made CO2 emissions cause global warming or if there are more natural changes responsible (Climate change).

Our essay writing service Australia is one of the best sources of support that you will find online for your cause and effect essays. We use only highly qualified and experienced members of staff to ensure the best essays. They understand connections between events and can help you with crafting a really well written essay that is going to meet your expectations." />

Some Examples of Cause and Effect

Knowing the relationship between cause and effect is important for this style of writing as well as for all forms of scientific investigation. The following are some easy to understand examples of cause and effect:

  • Because I don’t brush my teeth I have bad breath and cavities.
  • Because there was snow on the roads cars required longer to stop.
  • Because early settlers hunted so many buffalo they almost became extinct.
  • Because I eat too much processed food and do no exercise I have become fat.
  • Because the phone was busy she left a message." rel="lightbox[679]">" sizes="(max-width: 350px) 100vw, 350px" srcset=" 751w, 300w" alt="cause and effect example" width="350" height="262" />

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How to Write an Effective Cause and Effect Essay in Australia

Firstly ensure that you fully understand the assignment that has been set for you. If you are not sure what your tutor is looking for ask them to clarify it. Also ensure that you understand the cause and effect essay structure Sydney or format that they are looking for.

Knowing where to start with your essay can be hard. It is however usually best to start with selecting your specific topic area that you wish to write about. This could be anything from the causes of childhood obesity to the effects of bullying in school. Once you have your topic area you need to create your thesis statement, this can be something like “overconsumption of sugar in our diet is causing obesity.”

Once you have your thesis statement you can start your research and brainstorming to outline the specific causes as well as their result and consequence for your writing. You can then create your cause and effect essay outline Melbourne. A good cause effect essay outline Melbourne will help you to see exactly how all of the different parts of your essay will fit together. A typical cause and effect essay outline format Brisbane will look like:

  • Introduction: Provide some background to your subject area and introduce your thesis. Ensure that your opening sentence is effective to generate interest in your reader.
  • Main body: For a typical 5 paragraph essay you will have three main body paragraphs that will support your thesis. Each will cover a reason for the effect that you are discussing or an effect of the cause that your essay covers. Each paragraph should introduce the subject, provide additional information regarding it before clearly relating it back to your thesis.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion will provide a simple summary of what you have covered within the main body and show how they support your thesis. You will usually end this section with your suggestions as to the actions that should be taken in response to what you have uncovered.

Some Effective Transition Phrases for Your Writing

Cause and effect essays will typically require you to use a lot of transition phrases and words to show how one thing relates to another. The following are some useful words that you can use:

  • Because
  • Since
  • Due to
  • As a result
  • Therefore
  • So
  • Thus
  • Consequently

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