How Does ADHD Affect Cognitive Development?

This research will focus on young students with Attention Deficit Hypertension Disorder (ADHD). This disorder can be detrimental to a young child social and academic growth. Peer involvement is a very essential ingredient to growing socially and academically which is a part of cognitive development. Throughout this paper I will identify ways to help students … Read More»

Social Needs of a Child

From the time our children are born we work with them on getting along with others. Children need to learn how to communicate with others, how to problem solve, and morals. A good place for children to learn these steps is at home with the family. When there is a healthy family relationship the child … Read More»

Effects of Outdoor Play on Child Development

The aim of this project is to explore the effect of outdoor play on children’s social, emotional and physical development. According to Bruce (2004) play is probably one of the least understood aspects of an early-childhood practitioner’s work (p.135). The conceptualisation of play is shared by many other early childhood practitioners for whom play is … Read More»

Erik Erikson’s Eight Psychosocial Stages

This paper explores the developmental attributes physically, cognitively and socially of two children, one male and one female, ages five and ten, respectively. This writer will identify the socio-economic status (SEC), age, gender, ethnic background, and family demographics of each of these children. The two children this writer has chosen come from similar living situations … Read More»

Piaget Drawing Development

Luquet was one of the first to start researching into the development of drawing using a cognitive development theory and releasing a book in French during 1927. He described differing stages of drawing development which a child will pass through; this became known as the stage account. Luquet thought that after a period of scribbling … Read More»

Bronfenbrenner Ecological Systems Theory

The microsystem is the most influential system because the child has direct interaction with these individuals; that interaction occurs on a consistent basis over an extended period of time (Brofenbrenner, 2004). Family is the most significant relationship of the microsystem; they play an intricate part in the ecological human development. The most time is spent … Read More»

Gender Stereotypes in Early Years

The purpose of this research project is to investigate whether gender stereotypes existing in todays society affects childrens choices in play. The research will focus mainly on children around the ages of 2 – 3 years as this is when gender identity and the adopting of gender specific behaviour begins to show (Hughes, 2010). For … Read More»

Child Observation Guidelines

Before an assessment of a child can take place to plan their learning and development, we need to observe them. Observation is vital for early year’s practitioners to find out what stage a child is currently at, what their needs are and what interests them. You can learn a lot about the children you work … Read More»

Effects of Social Media on Young People

In modern life, social media is developing fast. It is used by many people all over the world. Social media is especially very popular among the young. However, there are many young people who cannot control themselves and are addicted to social media. Addiction to social media has many serious effects, including poor study habits, … Read More»

Child Reading and Writing Development

Learning of children in early ages   Question: Consider the ways in which children learn to read and write. Illustrate, using Kenner, Al-Khatri, Kwok, Kim and Tsai’s study (2004) how young children pay attention to directionality, shape, size, spatial orientation in producing different writing scripts. Introduction It is necessary to encourage the children towards learning … Read More»

Impact of Imaginary Friends on Child Development

Introduction Childhood is a stage that is distinct and abundantly filled with cognitive, emotional and physical changes. During this period in a human life, wonder, innocence and imagination are rampant. Many skills and lessons are learned that will assist with the course the child’s future will follow. This could be described as one of the … Read More»

Child Labour in India: Effects on Education

Growing up, I truly believed that every child had the same advantages I did: clothes, books, toys, food, a home, and most importantly, the chance to go to school. I remember the first time I realized this wasn’t the case: I was seven years old, sneaking downstairs to watch Saturday morning T.V when I stumbled … Read More»

Are Violent Video Games Ruining our Young Generation?

Are Violent Video Games Ruining our Young Generation?  Millennials are living what some would say “the life”, with the never-ending gadgets that are being made to keep them entertained. The most popular form of entertainment for millennials is video games.  Ninety percent of children in America’s, favorite pastime is playing video games (Prot, Sara, et … Read More»

Video Game Violence

Video Game Violence The video game industry has been under fire for years for exposing children and teenagers to violent video games. Some may believe that violent video games have made children and teenagers more aggressive, but in reality violence among teenagers has dropped. Violent video games have also became more mainstream in current times, … Read More»

Is Cyberbullying Worse than Face to Face Bullying?

Is Cyberbullying Worse than Face to Face Bullying? Abstract Bullying has always been a topic that is discussed in and out of school and workplaces.  Back then when there wasn’t the internet, there was traditional bullying. The bullying would happen anywhere. It occurred in school, at work, or in the neighborhood. The traditional bullying would … Read More»

Parenting Style and Youth Outcomes in the UK

Parenting Style and Youth Outcomes in the UK, Article Critique. Article Chan, T. W., & Koo, A. (2011). PS and youth outcomes in the UK.European Sociological Review, 27(3), 385-399.   INTRODUCTION In this research article Chan and Koo wished to study Parenting style (PS) in the UK and its effects on their children by examine parent … Read More»

Influence of Peers on Gender Identity in Adolescence

CHILD DEVELOPMENT PEER INFLUENCE: THE DEVELOPMENT OF GENDER IDENTITY IN ADOLESCENCE Kornienko, O., Santos, C. E., Martin, C. L., & Granger, K. L. (2016). Peer influence on gender identity development in adolescence. Developmental Psychology, 52(10), 1578–1592. retrieved from INTRODUCTION The article begins with a short overview on how gender identity is developed in which the author … Read More»

Impact of Teenage Pregnancy on the Individual, Family and Society

Teenage Pregnancy and The Effect It has on the Teen, Family and Society as a Whole Going back throughout the history of the world, teenage pregnancy has always been the norm, until the modern era. In united states almost every year at least from ages 15, teenagers become pregnant..“ The World Health Organization (WHO) states … Read More»

Impact of Violent Video Games

Discuss in the use of violence in video games and its impact on young people. The topic of video game violence either increasing or causing the levels of aggression and violence in young people has been widespread across multiple news outlets and organisations. This essay will explain the findings of multiple different sources and will … Read More»

Meeting the Needs of Young People in Youth Work

What Are The Needs Of Young People & How Can We Best Meet Them Through Youth Work? In this essay, I will discuss the needs of young people by drawing on multiple literatures and I will explain how youth workers can meet these needs. Youth workers “put young people’s needs, interests, hopes and anxieties at … Read More»

Influence of Celebrities on Young People’s Aspirations

Discuss in the use of violence in video games and its impact on young people. The topic of video game violence either increasing or causing the levels of aggression and violence in young people has been widespread across multiple news outlets and organisations. This essay will explain the findings of multiple different sources and will … Read More»

Effect of Fortnite on Young People

What’s the hype behind Fortnite? It’s a Friday night and I’m sitting here observing my young sibling coordinate the team he is playing with and spotting enemies. Only a few minutes into the game, still collecting resources and finding weapons around Tomato Temple, he spots several opposing players who got him in his sights on … Read More»

Factors that Influence Maintenance of Frindships in Young Adults

What factors are perceived to influence the maintenance of Friendships in young adults? The thematic analysis process created essential themes which were part of the data transcripts. The themes withdrawn from the transcripts were; Quality of Friendships, Commonality & Transition which all have a link to the research question but still provide an individual understanding … Read More»

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