Stakeholder Relationship Management

Title of the report- Stakeholder relationship management Introduction This assignment is based on the components of stakeholder relations and how the organization adopts the change and what sort of interest each employee to amplify the change strategy in the organization. Apart from this, what are the core strategies to evaluate the change strategies which can … Read More»

Whole Foods Planning and Control Systems

Running Head: Planning & Control Systems, Lean Operations Operational Excellence 1. Introduction Whole Foods Market is best known as a pioneer with regards to nourishment, however in the event that the organization has its direction it might before long be simply perceived as a pioneer in tech. Whole Foods has been from the get-go in … Read More»

Eataly Business Structure Analysis

Eataly started with Oscat Farinetti, an Italian business man from Piemonte region of Italy, northwest near the border with France. For years Oscar operated a chain of electronic stores called UniEuro. He travelled around Italy during his time opening stores and, of course, ate! In each of the regions, he experienced very different Italian food. … Read More»

How do a Firm’s Strategic Goals Improve Organizational Performance?

How do a Firm’s Strategic Goals Improve Organizational Performance? Abstract Strategic goals are derived from an organization’s mission statement. Ahead of his time, management consultant, educator, and thought leader Peter Drucker (1973), in his book “Management, tasks, responsibilities, and practices”, stated “A business is not defined by its name, statutes or articles of incorporation. It … Read More»

Developing a Culture of Learning and Development in the Workplace

Week Five Assignment: Training and Development In Week Five, we explored the elements that usually make up a learning organization and how this concept allows for a culture of ongoing learning and development, instead of only focusing on these aspects of organizational development during pre-set training periods. The Sprouts video on the topic defines a … Read More»

Research Methods for Organisations: Qualitative Interview Assignment

Research Methods for Organisations: Qualitative Interview Assignment Commitment in the workplace   Introduction In Meyer and Allen´s three-component model (2007, p.7), there are three dimensions of commitment in the workplace. Affective refers to the desire of the employees to work for the company; continuance indicates the anticipated cost of leaving the organisation; and normative refers … Read More»

Organizational Design for Performance Management

Organizational Design Whereas an organization is a unit of individuals that is structured to pursue goals or meet needs, an organizational design is “a systematic approach to aligning structures, processes, leadership, culture, people, practices, and metrics to enable organizations to achieve their mission and strategy” (Burton & Obel, 2018, p. 3). Organizational design is a … Read More»

Quality Management and Lean Systems

Quality Management and Lean Systems What is Quality Management? When you think of “quality” one typically thinks of something that has a level of quality that sets the standards above other things.  Of course we all have a different idea of what quality means as well and perspective differs between the consumer and the marketer.  … Read More»

Quality Management Tools and Techniques for Continuous Improvement

Quality Management Tools and Techniques for Continuous Improvement Synthesis of Literature Literature Review Introduction This literature illustrates basic quality management tools and techniques which are used in many organizations for continuous improvement. There are some effective contributors to quality who determined on process improving and producing continuous quality results at highly productive levels. The leaders … Read More»

ISFJ Personality Analysis for Organizational Behaviour

ISFJ Personality Analysis Abstract The interdisciplinary field of organizational behavior is becoming increasingly important in understanding today’s globalized economy and workforce diversity. Personality is one of the many variables that affect organizational behavior. Through the use of personality test, knowledge is gathered that allows individuals to become more efficient, engaged and ultimately more effective in … Read More»

Organizational Complexity: Causes and Solutions

Organizational Complexity Complex behavior stems from the interconnectivity, interaction, and interrelation of fundamentals with a system and among its environment and system. It involves concepts which a number of factors internet with each other in an assortment of ways. Since complexity includes interacting with a variety of agent in the system, if relations among agents working on … Read More»

Organizational Strategy for Healthcare Company

Directional Strategies Abstract There are three levels of strategy which are corporate, divisional and functional (Freel, nd.). The corporate strategy is very broad and acts as an umbrella for the other two strategies (Freel, nd.). It also involves the mission, vision and value statements (Freel, nd.). All of these strategy levels must be aligned for … Read More»

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Discrimination in employment refers to the unjust or prejudicial treatment of individuals, through employment rules or through differences in the conditions of employment, based on one or more of their personal characteristics (Black, J et al , 2019). Many years ago, the act of discrimination was quite prevalent. People were discriminated … Read More»

Promoting Innovation and Creativity in Banking

Problem Statement: The current process at State Bank of India (SBIUK) entails an account team member to open a business account at a greater length through their in-house manual systems. This involves long and tieless bureaucrat approach. “The average time for the opening of business account (turnaround time) between a customer walk into branch to … Read More»

Evaluating L&D in a Knowledge Economy

Evaluating L&D in a Knowledge Economy Contents Evaluating L&D in a Knowledge Economy 1.1 Understand the meaning and purposes of evaluation within a learning and development context. Slide 3 – Define evaluation Slide 4 1.2 Explain how evaluation fits within learning and development processes and systems 1.3 Discuss the importance of learning transfer into the … Read More»

Benefits of Having a Shared Mission and Vision

Destiny found in Shared Vision There is a manuscript, a set of scrolls that date back to the beginning of time that states two invaluable teleological leadership lessons regarding shared vision. King Solomon summarized it simply in Proverbs 29:18 without vision people parish, and in the late 7th century BC, Habakkuk (2:2) states, write the vision … Read More»

DXC Technology Organisation Innovation

Report: DXC Technologies Contents Introduction Performance-related initiatives Culture-related initiatives Engagement-related initiatives Recommendations Conclusion Reference List Introduction DXC Technology, commonly referred to as just DXC, was created in early 2017 when Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) merged with the Enterprise Services division of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE). DXC has 6,000 private and public sector clients spread across the … Read More»

Developing Diversity in the Idaho Central Credit Union

Abstract This paper explores the efforts of Idaho Central Credit Union to foster and encourage diversity, as well as some of the practices used in daily business and hiring. It describes some of my experiences working at the credit union and the application of principles found in the assigned reading for this week. Idaho Central … Read More»

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a professional body that promotes and enforces the highest international standards in valuation, management and development of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure, globally. As of November 2018, RICS has qualified approximately 108764 individual professionals around the world. RICS is not only a growing professional body aspiring to … Read More»

Adoption of New Technology using Rogers’ Theory

Adoption of New Technology using Rogers’ Theory According to Rodgers theory of Diffusion (2003) during a major change instead of focusing on persuading individuals to change, we should see change as being primarily about the evolution of products or behaviors that better fit the needs of individuals and groups. The purpose of this paper is … Read More»

Ethical Problems in Organizations

Ethical Problems in Organizations Introduction There are six elements that have caused ethical issues in certain industries that pertains to conflict of interests, advertisement, product safety, shareholders and other parts of the community. In this paper we discuss different solutions on how the conflict of interests between companies has resulted from smaller companies being pressured … Read More»

Strategies for Organizational Technology

Strategies for Organizational Technology The use of the items contained within the Technology aspect carries the same weight as all the other portions of the BOAT framework for a multitude of reasons. The first is that the technology is the pathway in which the e business connects to the world and without the pathway being … Read More»

Do High Performance Work Systems Help Organisational Performance?

To what extent do you agree with the assertion, that high performance work systems offer a simple path to improved organisational performance? Now more than ever, in today’s ever-changing, fiercely competitive business environment, there is a growing emphasis on organisations to devise innovative, new ways of gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals in the … Read More»

Importance of Sharing Information in Healthcare Organizations

Introduction Relating and sharing knowledgeable information is critical in the success of any organization, particularly in today’s modern health care industry. In the health care field, employees are required to connect with an ever-widening array of coworkers, clinicians, other healthcare facilities to coordinate patient care, and also further communicate to government agencies and media concerning … Read More»

Health and Safety Management at Fire Stations

The work place I share with my colleagues is a fire station.  The fire station is only a base as most of our work is done in a very dangerous environment. The environment that we work in has various levels of danger, a simple chimney fire to a two vehicle collision involving a home heating … Read More»

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