Reflection on Inclusive Learning Environments

During the weeks of 3 and 4, from the semester start date, I had the opportunity to interview two amazing professionals within the education setting. Both women taught and showed me that it is important to find ways to ensure that the students learn how to function and respect others in a class that has … Read More»

ADP7116 Microteaching Session Plan: International students & assessment

Aims:  The session aims to introduce students to current issues in river assessment methods and explore turbulence as practical and effective solution to link fluvial processes with aquatic biota. Intended learning outcomes:   By the end of the session, students will be able to: Understand the current issues in assessing hydromorphological condition of rivers; Understand the … Read More»

Application of Behaviour Analysis to Effective Teaching

“Describe and critically evaluate the application of behaviour analysis to effective teaching, using practice examples.”   Abstract: The purpose of this essay is to discuss the workings of applied behaviour analysis within education. Before researching ABA, I had no real understanding or knowledge of the use and practice of this. Unfortunately, there are misconceptions and … Read More»

Reflection on Teaching Icdent

Part one This section outlines a critical incident which occurred during Autumn term 2018. Background A child in my class had behavioural issues which I was struggling to manage. When I spoke to the head teacher to get some advice, I was told to observe a senior member of staff who he felt had the … Read More»

Reflection on Professional Practice Development in the Classroom

With reference to what you have learnt through academic reading on behaviour management, observations of colleagues and reflection on your own teaching, critically evaluate your own professional practice and your ability to ensure that all pupils make good progress in your lessons. Problematic student behaviour in the classroom can be a leading cause of stress … Read More»

Curriculum Analysis: STEMscopes curriculum

Curriculum Analysis Effective curriculum is the backbone of any effective school instructional policy. In order for administrators to properly assess and gauge the effectiveness of any specific curriculum, it is important for administrators to have dialog with the educators that will be implementing the curriculum. The book Curriculum Leadership: Readings for Developing Quality Educational Programs provides evidence … Read More»

The Teacher I Aspire to Be

Assignment 1: Part A ‘The Teacher I Aspire to Be’ I aspire to be supportive, encouraging and fair. These are beliefs I have experienced myself during the time I was a student, as well as witnessing first hand from an adult perspective whilst working in a primary school in London, UK. I have fond memories … Read More»

Good Practice in Teaching Literacy

Midterm Discuss different definitions of literacy and how you can define “literacy” in your own teaching context. It is important to know the students background to understand how outside forces can affect a student’s literacy development. Identify “the essentials” of early literacy instruction. What is important in teaching and learning early literacy skills? How would … Read More»

PGCE Reflective Report: Professional Values and Practice

Online PGCE Reflective Report Professional Values and Practice   Contents Introduction Pen Portrait (part 1) Policy Analysis (part 2) Case Study (part 3) Sharing good Practice (part 4) Conclusion References Appendices Introduction This report is divided in four parts, the first part summarises my professional journey so far and provides a brief outline of my … Read More»

Issues Related to Behaviour Management in the Classroom

Critically Reflect on the Issues Related to Behaviour Management in the Classroom, Linking this to Theory and Practice. Major issues with behaviour management are typically associated either with positive or negative behaviour. “When dealing with behaviour incidents in the classroom, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture; that is the other 95% of … Read More»

Classroom Management Theories for Student Discipline

Introduction Classroom management is a tool to build cooperative and incorporating procedures necessary for individual development and learning (Burden, 2016). Classroom management theories have been established to implement a functioning environment within the school environment and these include Authoritarian, Mixed-method and an Egalitarian approach. An approach to each theory is explained through Assertive discipline, Neo-Adlerian … Read More»

Reflection on Classroom Management as a Teacher

My teaching career has just begun. I do not have my own classroom yet and have only obtained one year of experience, last school year, as an elementary aide for a kindergarten and first-grade classroom. After several years in another field of work, I quickly realized my initial calling of being a teacher had to … Read More»

Partnership Relationship Between Teachers and Parents

A Vital Partnership for Schools Parents play a crucial role in facilitating their child’s learning. This connection with learning is indispensable and continues through all aspects of a child’s life, especially during their schooling years. According to Karen Mapp (2003) there is a renewed national focus within the last decade on the role that families … Read More»

Learning and Training Theories: Advantages and Disadvantages

Productive Training Techniques There are various known elements and strategies available to construct the most productive training methods possible to assist a company in preparing and setting up associates to improve efficiency. With numerous alternatives available, it could be intimidating to select the style of training and when it should be used. By utilizing multiple techniques in all sessions of training … Read More»

Impact of Raising Phonological Awareness and Phonics

The Impact of Raising Phonological Awareness and Phonics to Improve Reading and Spelling Skills in Elementary Students in Saudi Arabia Abstract: This research identifies the impact of raising phonological awareness and phonics to improve reading and spelling skills among elementary age students in Saudi Arabia during learning English as a second language instruction. To clarify the terminology … Read More»

Approaches to Teaching for Inclusion in Physical Education

A practitioner led enquiry investigating the approaches to teaching for inclusion in Physical Education The study will focus on the different ways that PE teachers plan and include children with SEND into PE lessons Introduction Inclusion   Inclusion is about creating a classroom in which all children feel welcomed, valued and respected. Morley, et al … Read More»

Strategies to Combat Low Level Disruption in the Classroom

Introduction The aim of this paper is to reflect on strategies to combat low level disruption in the classroom. Tackling minor discretions in acceptable behaviour can amount to a large percentage of teaching time lost in a lesson. During this lost time all students in class have missed valuable learning opportunities, not just the ones … Read More»

Purpose of Resources in Learning and Teaching

Task 1 (LO1) Understand the purpose and use of resources in own specialist area 1.1 Explain the purpose of resources in learning and teaching   Resources are used to ensure learners are being engaged and for learners to meet their learning needs, their preferred learning styles and for them to achieve their learning outcomes. There … Read More»

Development of Inclusive Unit Plan

Content Knowledge Inclusive Unit Plan  During my co-teaching field practicum, I was able to create an inclusive unit plan which holds important and necessary components that needed to be implemented towards all students of ability. These components consisted of Common Core Standards, learning targets and expectations for ‘all, most and some’ learners, academic language, pre- … Read More»

Advising and Students’ Academic Success

Abstract Student retention and persistence to graduation are ongoing problems and have been for some time now especially in engineering technology (ET) programs around the country. It is a well-established fact that the quality of interaction between a student and a concerned individual on campus, often through academic advising, is a key contributor to college … Read More»

Techniques for Proactive Classroom Management

Module 1: Five Techniques for Proactive Classroom Management In the years pursuing my undergraduate degree, I attended classes regarding classroom management. These classes were filled with wonderful information, strategies, and techniques on setting up a classroom community. However, it was all very theoretical. We spoke of classroom management well before we were ever in a … Read More»

Application of Malcolm Knowles’ Theories to Teaching Practice

Application of Malcolm Knowles’ Theories to Teaching Practice 6N3326 ASSIGNMENT 5 Consider and discuss how you might apply the theories of Malcolm Knowles to your current or future training work. “The art of teaching is essentially the management of these two key variables in the learning process – environment and interaction- which together define the substance of … Read More»

Critical Reflections On Classroom Practice And The Key Principles Of Assessment for Learning To Guide Classroom Practice

Critical Reflections On Classroom Practice And The Key Principles Of Assessment for Learning To Guide Classroom Practice Introduction “Assessment in education must, first and foremost, serve the purpose of supporting learning.”  (Black & Wiliam, 2004) Assessment is an essential part of any education as without assessment, the teacher does not know if their students are … Read More»

ICTs for Teaching & Learning

Contents ICTs for Teaching & Learning Part one- Overview 1. Description of the ICT based resource or ICT based learning activity and the rationale for it drawing on relevant supporting literature 2. Target Learners 3. The learning outcomes Key Skills/ICT/Curriculum 4. Incorporating Prezi 5. Reflection on implementation 6. Discussion and analysis 7. Conclusion Bibliography Appendix one ICTs for Teaching & Learning Part … Read More»

Embodied Teaching Praxis of Trauma-Informed Education

Research Proposal: The Ambiguity of The Foreign Student: Embodied Teaching Praxis of Trauma-Informed Education “you broke the ocean in half to be here. only to meet nothing that wants you. – immigrant” ― Nayyirah Waheed, Salt Abstract Trauma has a compelling way of shaping a student’s physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Information surrounding trauma-informed approaches … Read More»

Teaching Essays – Teacher Pupil Education

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Teacher Pupil Education Review of literature This literature review looks at how teachers develop pupils through physical education using quality standards and which teaching styles are required? This review of literature will look at how … Read More»

Teaching Essays – TESOL English Teaching

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies TESOL English Teaching   TESOL ellipsis stands for Teaching English to speakers of other languages. Of late, the English teaching industry has developed this acronym which is associated to learning, teaching and examination and also … Read More»

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