Effects of Testosterone on the Human Body

Hormones are a chemical substance which is secreted from the endocrine gland into our blood to target specific areas for action. These hormones are what occurs in both woman and men, but each sex needs different amounts, for different areas of the body to cause different effects. Testosterone is thought of as a male hormone … Read More»

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome: Causes and Treatments

Introduction: Frozen shoulder syndrome (FSS), also known as adhesive capsulitis (AC) is a common disability that is identified with discomfort accompanied by a gradual functional deficit of the ball-and-socket glenohumeral joint, specifically limiting the shoulder active and passive movement. In 1934, Codman was the first to refer to this condition as ” frozen shoulder” and … Read More»

Recent Advances in VIP Physiology and Pathophysiology

Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) is a 28-residue amino acid peptide initially isolated from porcine duodenum and first characterized in 1970 [1]. A member of the secretin/glucagon hormone superfamily [1,2], VIP is evolutionarily well conserved with sequence homology among fish, frogs, and humans [3]; for mammals, except for guinea pigs and chickens [4], the sequence homology … Read More»

Physical and Psychological Effects of Long Term Injury on Tennis Players

The physical and psychological effects of long term injury on nonprofessional and semiprofessional tennis players Background (500 words) 393 Sports injuries are an unfortunate and prevalent side effect to taking part in athletic competition. If not treated properly, injuries endured while playing a sport couldn’t just have a negative impact on your performance, as well … Read More»

Reduction of Anterior Shoulder Dislocation: The External Rotation Method

Assignment:   Reduction of Anterior Shoulder Dislocation: The External Rotation Method Vs The Milch Method   Introduction There are a variety of glenohumeral shoulder dislocation types and this literature review will specifically concentrate on Anterior Shoulder Dislocation (ASD) treatment. The first documented shoulder dislocation comes from as early as 3000BC, with murals depicting the Kocher … Read More»

Detection of Aseptic Loosening in Total Knee Replacements

Detection of aseptic loosening in total knee replacements: a systematic review and meta-analysis Introduction Total knee replacements are an effective surgery for osteoarthritis[1]. Last year, over 55,000 operations were performed in Australia[2]. Aseptic loosening is the most common reason for revision of primary total knee replacements in Australia and remains the major factor limiting the … Read More»

Elbow Injuries in Young Athletes Throwing a Baseball

Elbow Injuries in Young Athletes Throwing a Baseball Abstract The purpose of this study is to explore some of the most common injuries in young baseball pitchers, how it occurs, risk factors, rehab process, and the stages of how to properly throw to be able to prevent future athletes from injury. This study pursues to … Read More»

Role of Physiotherapists in Promoting Positive Ageing

Title Page: Physiotherapists have a key role to play in promoting positive ageing and maintaining the health and well-being of the elderly. The theme covered is in relation to Physical Activity of older adults in order to help promote positive ageing and well-being.     Introduction: The purpose of this assignment is to investigate the … Read More»

Physiology of the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

Exercise Physiology Practical Report 2018 Introduction                                                                                                 This report outlines the results and analysis of an experiment to study the physiology of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and how they respond to short periods of exercise. The cardiovascular system consists of three major components: blood, the heart and blood vessels (Tortora and Derrickson, 2017, p.6) and … Read More»

Influence of Kinematic and Kinetic Inter-limb Asymmetry on Injuries

Critically review the biomechanics literature to design a suitable protocol for assessing kinematic and kinetic inter-limb asymmetry and its influence on either performance or injury ‘Kinetic and kinematic inter-limb asymmetry analysis of the knee joint during countermovement jumps in female football players with and without previous ACL injuries’ Rationale: previous research looks at cause and … Read More»

Human Movement Analysis Multimedia Report

Human Movement Analysis Multimedia Report Introduction: Basketball is a game played by two teams consisting of five players. The game is played until one team commits a foul, when this happens the fouled player is given an attempt at a free-throw (Piano et al, 2013). A “free-throw” is an attempt to shoot from the free throw … Read More»

EMG Activity of Leg Muscles with Knee Pain during Islamic Prayer (Salat)

EMG Activity of Leg Muscles with Knee Pain during Islamic Prayer (Salat) Abstract— Knee pain often disrupts the performance of Islamic prayer (Salat). Development of rehabilitation tool for Muslim population with knee pain has become an increasing demand. Electromyogrpahic (EMG) activity of knee muscles may be an assessment tool of such rehabilitation technology. In this … Read More»

Electrocardiogram (ECG) Results Analysis

Applied Physiology ECG Report   An electrocardiogram (ECG) records the electrical activity of the heart. Electrodes are placed on the surface of the body and the net spread of electrical signals are detected from an area of depolarised myocytes. The shape of a wave can vary depending on the orientation of the wave-front. The duration … Read More»

Dynamics of Bone Loss in Cases with Acute or Chronic Apical Abscess

Dynamics of Bone Loss in Cases with Acute or Chronic Apical Abscess   Introduction: Acute and chronic apical abscesses are two dramatic ways that periradicular tissues may react to pulpal infection and necrosis. Although both of these clinical states are the response to pulpal infection, their clinical manifestations are significantly different. It is not clear … Read More»

Cardiac Anatomy and Function

The anatomy of the human heart is the same as a lamb’s heart. A heart is a cardiac muscle that works by relaxing and contracting to pump blood around the body by double circulation, where both sides of the heart work to pump deoxygenated and oxygenated blood to the tissues and lungs at the same … Read More»

Exercise Program for Patients with ACL Injury

A 5-week progressive exercise therapy program leads to significant improvement in knee function after ACL injury. The aim of the study is the 5-week exercise program therapy to optimize the knee function of patients after an ACL injury. In this study Eitzen et al(2010) wanted to assess changes in isokinetic quadriceps and hamstrings muscle quality … Read More»

The Role of Music in Physical Rehabilitation

Dissertation proposal The Role of Music in Physical Rehabilitation Philosopher Plato in the Greek Doctrine of Ethos states, ‘Music is an art imbued with the power to penetrate and heal the very depths of the soul’ (Harvey, 1980).  Since antiquity, music has served a therapeutic role in cultural tradition. Despite having long been recognised for its … Read More»

Functions and Components of the Digestive System

Table of Contents Introduction Part A Explain the function of each part of the digestive system identified in the diagram above. Outline the composition of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates and explain how each are digested and absorbed by the body. Part B Draw a diagram of a typical cell and state the function of each … Read More»

Cardiovascular Effects of the -adrenergic Receptor Antagonist Pindolol on Heart Rate

A single blinded non-crossover investigation into the cardiovascular effects of the -adrenergic receptor antagonist pindolol on heart rate and systolic blood pressure during exercise on a cohort of second year medical students Introduction: During exercise, our body has higher requirements for oxygen and energy. The cardiovascular system adjusts to these demands by increasing the heart … Read More»

Pain Management: A Concept Analysis

Pain Management: A Concept Analysis Pain is a common clinical problem in today’s society. Pain affects everyone from the young to the old and majority of the time on a daily basis. We have learned since the beginning of nursing school that pain is what the patient says it is. The effects of pain can … Read More»

Role of Non-adrenergic, Non-cholinergic Transmitters in the Autonomic Nervous System

THE ROLE OF NON-ADRENERGIC, NON-CHOLINERGIC (NANC) TRANSMITTERS IN THE AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. The transmission of electrical signals from presynaptic junction to postsynaptic terminal that bring about action potentials through depolarization of cells between nerve and muscle are generally powered by neurotransmitters. The contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle cells of the visceral organs are under the … Read More»

Identifying Developmental Trajectories of Body Mass Index in Childhood

The study I decided to write on, Identifying developmental trajectories of body mass index in childhood using latent class growth (mixture) modelling: associations with dietary, sedentary and physical activity behaviors: a longitudinal study” (Koning, 2016), is a longitudinal study tracking the correlation between habits and social circumstances and the body mass index to glean whether … Read More»

Physical Responses to Pain

Different stimuli applied to the skin can cause tissue damage, and information about this damage is conveyed to the brain via specific pathways. The resulting pain can be either acute or chronic. Describe briefly, the difference between acute and chronic pain (10%). Describe the primary afferent and central pathways that convey information about acute (transient) … Read More»

Exercise Program for Reducing Fall Risk in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Patient

CASE REPORT PROPOSAL Title of Case Report: Is Otago exercise program effective for reducing fall risk in patient with Diabetic peripheral neuropathy? Type of Case Report: Case report focusing on intervention Background and Purpose Statement: Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common complications in patients with Diabetes. (Deshpande, Harris-Hayes, & Schootman, 2008) Neuropathy can lead … Read More»

Oxidative Stress & Brain Aging | Example Physiology Essay

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Example Physiology Essay A Review of Oxidative Stress & Brain Aging The human brain is the main source of nerve function in the body. It is the epicentre of the nervous system and controls all … Read More»

Physiology Essays – Plant Physiology Biology

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Plant Physiology Biology Introduction In the study of general biology, a number of fields such as plant anatomy, plant taxonomy, plant physiology, comparative ecosystems, comparative animal physiology, neurophysiology, physiological ecology, endocrinology, and principles of electronic … Read More»

Physiology Essays – Photosynthesis Pigments Plant

This dissertation was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Photosynthesis Pigments Plant Lab Four: Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis Part A Table 4.1: Distance Moved by Pigments Band (millimetres) Band Number Distance (mm) Band Colour 1. 15 Yellow 2. 35 Yellow 3. 73 Green 4. … Read More»

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