Relationship between Gender and War

Critically explore the relationship between gender and war Gender and war are inextricably linked in many ways, leading it to be a highly complicated relationship, with both components depending on one another and thus developing a cycle between them. To begin to explore the relationship between gender and war it is worth defining both terms … Read More»

Risks of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Security

Risks of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Security AVM 303, Intro. Unmanned Aircraft System Abstract Unmanned aircraft systems, commonly referred to as drones, are rapidly becoming important tools in the modern-day life.  Drones may be employed in a multitude of applications, and quite often, this could be a circumstance where aircrafts are in a danger zone, … Read More»

Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Military Intelligence

“Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Military Intelligence” Introduction Advancements in technology have had a beneficial and profound effect on the military intelligence enterprise. Advances in military weapon systems and capabilities throughout history have required nations to continuously adopt modern combat tactics to prevail in battle and to defeat opposing forces. Today, advancements in electronic engineering, mechanical … Read More»

Clinical Intervention Paper: Military Sexual Trauma

Clinical Intervention Paper: Military Sexual Trauma Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss and apply prolonged exposure therapy to the case of Harriet.  Prolonged exposure therapy, which is a form of cognitive behavior therapy, is designed to treat posttraumatic stress disorder through two primary treatments, imaginal exposure and in vivo exposure.  Cognitive behavior … Read More»

Review of Cyber Warfare Strategies and Prevention

Executive Summary: This report is a review of Cyberwarfare, specifically geared towards critical infrastructures and power generation. It will also entail the evolution of cyberwarfare since 1998 and how the attacks have grown and developed into what they are today. Characteristics of APTs (advanced persistent threats) will also be detailed pre vs post inception of … Read More»

Lance Corporal William Kyle Carpenter Biography

Lance Corporal Carpenter’s Selfless Service and Heroic Actions Lance Corporal William Kyle Carpenter displayed the highest level of sacrifice and selfless service for his actions in Afghanistan; resulting in saving the lives of his fellow Marines, and earning the highest Military award.  The two distinctive factors, disregard for his own life, and the protection for … Read More»

Drones on the Modern Battlefield and the Rules of Engagement

Does the deployment of Drones on the modern battlefield meet the requirements for the rules of engagement and is the deployment of these drone’s moral? This essay will evaluate whether or not the deployment of drones on the modern battlefield in countries such as Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan alongside their usage domestically in countries … Read More»

The Tet Offensive: Battle Analysis

Battle Analysis The Tet Offensive The Turing Point of the War DEFINE THE SUBJECT On January 30th and 31st, 1968, a series of coordinated surprise attacks by North Vietnam took place on South Vietnam. Ranging from military outposts, provincial capitals, the autonomous cities, district capitals and towns, and the capital of South Vietnam called Saigon. This … Read More»

Interagency Active Shooter Mitigation and Preparedness

Interagency Active Shooter Mitigation and Preparedness The increased frequency of active shooter incidents since 2001 has brought a sobering light for the necessity to improve preparedness, mitigate the risk of active shooter events and put forth efforts intended to prevent future occurrences.  Active shooter events evolve quickly and are often times unpredictable incidents that leave … Read More»

Iridium-next Communications Satellite

IRIDIUM-NEXT COMMUNICATIONS SATELLITE Table of Contents Introduction Iridium-NEXT Mission Spacecraft Overview Bus Design Payload Antennas Orbit Design Hosted Payloads Compact Radiometer Compact Total Electron Content Sensor MicroCam Multispectral Imager Radiation Dosimeter Compact Earth Observation Spectrometer Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Accelerometer Conclusion Bibliography Introduction Communication is the corner stone of our society. We can communicate through several … Read More»

What Weapons Shaped World War II

What Weapons Shaped World War II  The Treaty of Versailles, Aggression of Japan, Policy of Appeasement, and the Failure of the League of Nations are just some of the events that caused World War II. Known as one of the bloodiest and biggest wars in history, World War II consumed the lives of over 70,000,000 people … Read More»

How Effective are Military Responses to Terror Threats?

The effectiveness of any form and role of military intervention to the threats posed by transnational terrorism is contingent upon the degree of adaptability to the dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of these phenomena. This paper analyzes the role of the military in deterrence doctrines, the struggles in defining terrorism and threats, the options available to … Read More»

Impact of Information Technology on the Military

LT MUHAMMAD AMIRUL ZIKRI BIN TUMPANG IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN THE ROYAL ARMOUR CORPS IT, stands for “Information Technology,” and is pronounced “I.T.” It refers to anything related to computing technology, such as networking, hardware, software, the Internet, or the people that work with these technologies. Many companies now have IT departments for managing … Read More»

Gulf of Tonkin Incident: Military Investigation

Military Intelligence Organizations Military Intelligence is a division of military the purpose of which is to exploit the number of information collected and analysis techniques in order to provide guidance and directions to commanders in support of the crucial decisions made by them. They do it by performing an analysis and assessment of the available … Read More»

Role of the Military in Establishing Democracy

ABSTRACT Under the conditions of globalization the term governance does not point to governmental and state actors, but it refers to intertwined governmental and non-governmental, private, transnational, national and local actors and networks, which guide and govern. Efficient and democratic governance has become an intended end of the state for the external assistance provision, notably … Read More»

Impact of Private Military Companies on Security

What impact do Private Military Companies have on International Security? 1. Introduction 1.1. Scenes from Fallujah Towards the end of March 2004, the world bore witness to by now familiar scenes of blood-letting from Iraq. Pictures captured on this occasion by an Associate Press journalist (Mascolo, 2006) showed Iraqis celebrating the killing of two foreigners. … Read More»

Cyber Warfare: the Future of War

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Karl von Clausewitz defined war as “…an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will In order to attain this object fully, the enemy must be disarmed, and disarmament becomes therefore the immediate object of hostilities….” At the end of the second millennium, this classification no longer describes … Read More»

Psychology of Soldier Training in the UK

Bullying, humiliation and exclusion are all part of the British culture.  How does this assertion sit with our duty to produce trained soldiers for the front line by running hard, relevant and fair training? First, it is essential to understand that the larger British cultural psychology exerts its oppression through mostly subtle forms of psychological … Read More»

Political Objectives of the Falklands War

War as a Strategic Tool of Policy: The Falklands War – “Did War prove to be a Successful Means of Achieving Political Objectives? Examine from both UK and Argentinean perspectives.” In an essay of this brevity it would be impossible, and indeed unnecessary, to discuss fully the history of the Falkland Islands; we will therefore … Read More»

Can War Be Abolished? Theories and Causes of War

CAN WAR BE ABOLISHED Introduction According to the Clausewitz War is a mere continuation of the policy. So the question arises can the policy be abolished? Or is war inevitable? and we may find no simple answer to these questions. War is defined as a violent action in which one side i.e. State ‘A’ endeavours … Read More»

Innovation in Military Systems

Introduction Technology transfer across social sectors, industries, and national boundaries is a common phenomenon in contemporary times. These transfers are mostly driven by economic paradigms – the need to embrace radical innovations so as not to be left behind in the race to be at the forefront of technological and/or commercial envelope. It is thus … Read More»

Impact of Air Power Theory in WW2

Did “air power theory” do more harm than good before the outbreak of “and during” the Second World War? This essay will examine the meaning and impact of “air power theory”, a theory which took shape after World War One, which predicted that air power would be the single most important factor in the outcome … Read More»

How Military Leavers Can Benefit the Private Industry

ISSUE TO BE EXAMINED Each year British businesses clamour after the best and brightest coming out of business schools. However, these same businesses often overlook a body of potential employees not only with good or better training, but also with the experience to go with it. Given that military personnel provide a valuable and often … Read More»

Military Essays – The cost of the Vietnam War

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies The Cost of The Vietnam War. The United States Military took part in the Vietnam War, which started in 1957 and ended in 1975. At that time of war Vietnam was divided into North Vietnam … Read More»

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