1st Lieutenant Clint Lorance: A U.S. Army Officer’s Controversial Order

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Introduction On 2 JUL 2012, US Army 1LT Clint Lorance ordered his soldiers in 4th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment to fire on three unarmed Afghan men on a motorcycle near their patrol in Strong Point Payenzai, Afghanistan. The military justice system retains a legal and moral obligation to investigate all civilian-casualty incidents involving … Read More»

Analysis of the Battle of Bhutan

Introduction Over the course of World War 2 there are many points in which soldiers have made imperative decisions for advancement through tactical knowledge. By usage of critical thinking and sensible judgement the course of the war changed immensely and effected the way the Army operates to this day. The Pacific Theater during World War … Read More»

Analysis of The Sykes-Picot Agreement

Christopher “Mike” White The current actions of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq are a result of religious and political conditions which exist due to irresponsible foreign diplomacy and the imperialistic tendencies of both Great Britain and France over one hundred years in the past. In a viral video declaring the establishment of … Read More»

Battle Analysis of the Falkland Islands

    FALKLAND ISLANDS BATTLE ANALYSIS The battle of the Falkland Island was an undeclared war in 1982 from 2 April to 14 June between the United Kingdom and Argentina. The conflict lasted ten weeks and ended with the Argentine surrender on 14 June, returning the islands to British control.[1] The battle also was basically the last complete … Read More»

Biography of Ernest Sylvester Hartung

At School Ernest Sylvester Hartung was an Australian whom was born in the year of 1893 (Unknown Date), in Melbourne Victoria and was the only son to his parents, whom were Henry Hartung and Lena Hartung. His father (Henry Hartung) was known to be a surveyor when the family decided to move to Perth Western … Read More»

Biological Weapons: Developments, Threats, and Biodefense

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Biological weapons are tools made to hurt a large number of people via bacteria, toxins, and viruses (Riedel). The use of biological weapons has been going on for millennia, starting with the use of dead bodies that could be thrown at others to infect the enemy (Riedel). Now, as technology becomes increasingly advanced … Read More»

Canada’s Involvement in the Gulf War

During the span of the Gulf War Canada managed and handled the war quite poorly compared to their previous war experiences. Both the misuse and over use of their resources being a complete waste. To the length of the overall wars and peace keeping missions. As well as the Prime Minister struggling to communicate to … canadas-involvement-in-the-gulf-war/"> Read More»

Can War Be Abolished? Theories and Causes of War

CAN WAR BE ABOLISHED Introduction According to the Clausewitz War is a mere continuation of the policy. So the question arises can the policy be abolished? Or is war inevitable? and we may find no simple answer to these questions. War is defined as a violent action in which one side i.e. State ‘A’ endeavours … Read More»

Challenges for Female Services in the Male Dominated Military

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   The United States military comprises of both genders and various racial and ethnic groups, but it still mainly consists of White males. In today’s military, racial minorities make up about 30% of the 2.1 million Depart of Defense (DoD) employees and out of that 2.1 million, females make up about 18% of the … Read More»

Clinical Intervention Paper: Military Sexual Trauma

Clinical Intervention Paper: Military Sexual Trauma Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss and apply prolonged exposure therapy to the case of Harriet.  Prolonged exposure therapy, which is a form of cognitive behavior therapy, is designed to treat posttraumatic stress disorder through two primary treatments, imaginal exposure and in vivo exposure.  Cognitive behavior … Read More»

Command Principles of Operation Anaconda

Abstract Operation Anaconda, the first operation in Afghanistan that combined a multitude of American and Coalition units to attack an enemy stronghold, demonstrated a host of principles of the battle that are only experienced through action. Namely the continual effort of all individuals and units to readapt the approach to maintain the drive to the … Read More»

Concept Of Kesban Be Still

TO WHICH EXTENT WOULD THE CONCEPT OF KESBAN BE STILL RELEVANTIN THE YEAR 2020? DISCUSS INTRODUCTION The acronym KESBAN is the combination of two Malay words which is stand for ‘Keselamatan dan Pembangunan’ or security/defence and development. KESBAN defined as the sum total of measures undertaken by all government agencies to protect and strengthen the … Read More»

Conscription Crisis Comparison and Its Effects on Canada in 1917 and 1944

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp                Table of Contents Introduction   4 Comparison between the Conscription Crisis of 1917 and 1944  5 Effects of the Conscription Crisis on Canada   9 The War Led to a Momentous Debate  9 Influence on the Wartime Elections Act 10 Formation of a Union Government 10 Anti-Conscription riots 11 Influence on the Canadian Social, Political … canada-in-1917-and-1944/"> Read More»

Creative Imaging within Misleading Advertising in Military

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   ­Review of literature This chapter provides a discussion of the related concepts linked to the aims and objectives of the research as highlighted in Chapter 1. An initial mindset diagram (figure 1) highlighted relevant areas. The concepts or ideas have now been prioritized to include the following. The purpose of the literature review … Read More»

Critique of Strategic Air Power in the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War proved extremely costly for the United States of America. Despite being the world’s most technologically advanced Superpower, America was held to a long stalemate by what was essentially a third world nation.[1] Before the effectiveness of American strategic air power is assessed, the intent must be explored and appreciated. Russian and Chinese support … Read More»

Cyber Warfare: the Future of War

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Karl von Clausewitz defined war as “…an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will In order to attain this object fully, the enemy must be disarmed, and disarmament becomes therefore the immediate object of hostilities….” At the end of the second millennium, this classification no longer describes … Read More»

Determining Gender Equality in the Marine Corps

equality.  As the task force leader assigned by the Commanding General, I was tasked with the mission of analyzing hindrances to organizational efficiency.  I will begin to review Marine Corps culture, identify areas of weakness, and propose solutions for completely opening combat arms in the United States Marine Corps. Current Culture Historically, the United States … Read More»

Did Fighter Command Come Close to Defeat in the Battle of Britain?

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Fighter Command came close to defeat during the Battle of Britain. How accurate is this statement? The Battle of Britain is widely regarding as the first military campaign fought entirely in the air.[1] The Royal Air Force (RAF) defended Britain against large scale attacks from the Luftwaffe, Germany’s air force. Following Germany’s lightning war … Read More»

Did FIghter Command Nearly Get Defeated in the Battle of Britain?

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Fighter Command came close to defeat during the Battle of Britain. How accurate is this statement?   Off Cdt Nixon 263, D Squadron, D Flt The year of 1940-41 proved a pivotal time during World War 2, not only had France surrendered by June 1940 but both the United states and the Soviet … Read More»

Do the Teachings of Clausewitz or Sun Tzu Produce the Better Military Leader?

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Do the teachings of Clausewitz or Sun Tzu produce the better military leader?   10086882 The teachings of Clausewitz and Sun Tzu provide the military leader with different approaches on how war should be conducted, both theorists and their theories being the product of very different times. Sun Tzu’s Art of War was written during … Read More»

Drones on the Modern Battlefield and the Rules of Engagement

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Does the deployment of Drones on the modern battlefield meet the requirements for the rules of engagement and is the deployment of these drone’s moral? This essay will evaluate whether or not the deployment of drones on the modern battlefield in countries such as Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan alongside their usage domestically … Read More»

Educational Benefits of the United States Navy

United States Navy Education Benefits Abstract United States Navy Education Benefits are one of the most important benefits to active duty service members, Veterans, and their families. Education benefits started for Veterans after World War II with the G.I. Bill of Rights and continues 75 years later with the Forever G.I. Bill. Today education benefits … Read More»

Effect of Military Deployment on the Family

Jennifer Anderson The Struggles of Military Deployment and the Effects It Has on their Family As a society member, people have rights, freedoms, and responsibilities. The military protects the rights and freedoms of society. It is our duty to watch out for neighbors, community members, and friends that are going through a deployment. Thousands of … Read More»

Ethical Issues of the Use of Drones

Executive Summary Introductions The advancement of technology is occurring rapidly. Technology have enabled drone to be easily accessible for the publics. Drone have brought many benefits to a wide range of fields, such as firefighter, hospital, police, journalist, courier, etc. However, it also has raised many discussions about its ethical values. Some people are worried … Read More»

Ethical Perspectives on Drones in Warfare

INTRODUCTION This report is written to explore the different ethical perspectives concerning the controversial topic of using drones for warfare, as well as including the writer’s perspective on the ethical dilemma. The report also touches on comparing different Codes of Ethics from Australia, Britain and New Zealand to the case of autonomous vehicles and the … Read More»

Ethics of Drone Strikes

Above the law: Murder without consequence As stated in the 10 commandments, “Thou shalt not kill.” A clear statement, yet if necessary we kill without thought, but mostly for self-defense; but if, for example, you killed an innocent civilian, you would spend 15 years to life in prison. If thousands of people are getting locked up … Read More»

Evaluation of Jus in Bello by Helen Frowe

INTRODUCTION/SUMMARY: In the reading Jus in Bello by Helen Frowe, Frowe examines the guidelines for just war, jus in bello. Frowe’s interpretation of jus in bello and it’s guidelines are fairly moderate, however can be interpreted as presenting justification for the necessity of jus in bello. The reading describes first, the orthodox view of just … Read More»

Political Objectives of the Falklands War

War as a Strategic Tool of Policy: The Falklands War – “Did War prove to be a Successful Means of Achieving Political Objectives? Examine from both UK and Argentinean perspectives.” In an essay of this brevity it would be impossible, and indeed unnecessary, to discuss fully the history of the Falkland Islands; we will therefore … Read More»

Fight Command’s Near Defeat in the Battle of Britain

Fighter Command came close to defeat during the Battle of Britain. How accurate is this statement? Smith CA, 383, A Flt, D Sqn The Battle of Britain was an aerial campaign launched by the German Luftwaffe in summer 1940 to achieve air supremacy over Britain and potentially pave the way for a German invasion of … Read More»

Giulio Douhet and Hugh Trenchard’s Visions of Military Airpower

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Former Italian Army General Giulio Douhet and the First Marshal of the Royal Air Force Hugh Trenchard are regarded as two early advocates and visionaries of air power. Since the early 1900s, where the use of aircraft in the military arena was still in its infancy, the theories that both Douhet and Trenchard … Read More»

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