General Studies Essays – NHS

Patient satisfaction questionnaire surveys in the National Health Service, the effectiveness of the data and what they can demonstrate. The National Health Service has faced various attempts at reform since the 1980s.  These reforms have had differing objectives, such as improving efficiency, providing patients with greater choice as to the medical treatment they receive, or … Read More»

Solar Energy Sector In India General Studies Essay

India with abundant sunlight, unutilized manufacturing potential, readily available labour and significant demand for power, is one of the most promising markets for solar energy. The country is currently the seventh largest producer solar photovoltaic (PV) cells and ninth largest producer of solar thermal energy. Most parts of the country receive 4-7 kWh of solar … Read More»

Poverty Java Poor

expenditure data in 1996, 1999 and 2002 were used to measure the incidence of poverty based on the Foster, Greer, and Thorbeckce (FGT) index. Using the decomposition formula developed by Huppi and Ravallion (1991a, 1991b), this thesis also investigates the effects of urban and rural poverty on the change in overall poverty. The incidence of … Read More»

Validity Reliability Quantitative

sources to responses and cite them at the end of his writing, and 4) provide more details about how you applied his knowledge of research to his independent study.  His goal is to demonstrate through writing his research knowledge and that he applied that knowledge to his independent study. Question # 5 Validity and generalizability … Read More»

Professional values and ethics

Professional Values and Ethics Values and ethics are the cornerstone for both personal and professional success. The way an individual or group interacts with others exposes their genuine character because actions speak louder than words. Those with a strong values system and ethical standards of the highest degree are easily recognizable by their deeds and … Read More»

Global warming affecting fashion industry

Global Warming Affecting Fashion Industry According to an interesting article in Australia’s The Age, global warming is wreaking havoc on the clothing industry. In many parts of the world, there just isn’t as much difference between the seasons anymore and overall the trend is towards warmer weather. The clothing industry relies on delineated seasons to sell different … Read More»

Hedda Peer Gynt

work covers a broad range of dramatic styles, settings and characters- enough so that one play could almost seem to be written by an entirely different author. Ibsen began his career writing poetry, shifted to dramatic verse, shifted again to a style of prose that scathingly criticized Victorian morality, and finally concluded his writing by … Read More»

The Risks Of Employing Ex Convicts General Studies Essay

1. Background and Rational for choice of 1st area. Risk of companies employing ex-convicts through the Yellow Ribbon Project. ( Ex-convicts are trained in courses such as Nitec certification in electronics, ISC in food preparation, ISC in electrical wiring, and NSRS in cleaning skills. They also gain work experience in Singapore Corporation Of Rehabilitative Enterprises … Read More»

Reliability And Validity Assessment

questionnaire (PSQ) measure?   Briefly (one paragraph each) review the forms established.   1) Grogan et al.’s (2000) chose an internal reliability to check for the consistency or inconsistency of their inter-subscales.  They performed Cronbach’s alpha analysis to measure the correlation of each subscales on the general satisfaction subscale. The results showed a high level … Read More»

UK Diverse Society

TASK 1 In what ways can the UK be described as a diverse society? Choose three examples of diversity and write and essay which: describes each of them in turn considers which aspects of diversity are negative and which are positive for one of the examples. The diversity of family life in the UK today … Read More»

General Studies Essays – Use of Torture

Can the Use of Torture be Justified? This report aims to, in the first instance, define torture. It then examines the history of torture and looks at international law that relates to torture.   The main part of the study analyses ethical theories in relation to torture and uses these ethical viewpoints to examine whether or … Read More»

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

What is your sexual orientation: heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual? Many people in the world would say they are heterosexual, or straight. Some claim to be homosexual, or gay, and others may say they are bisexual, or undecided. For those individuals who claim an orientation other than heterosexual, many people, especially straight people, feel the need … Read More»

Disabled Non-disabled Differences

Evaluate the social model of disability as an adequate account of the ‘differences’ between disabled and non disabled people It has been said that the differences between disabled people and non-disabled people in western society is based on the ideology of ‘normality’, implying that disabled people are ‘abnormal’. Morris statesthat “disabled people are not normal in … Read More»

Victim Rights Person

Introduction A victim is a person who has received injuries whether physical or emotionally when a crime is committed. This will include people who are physical assaulted, kidnapped, sexual assaulted, involved in domestic violence, a child abuse, a person at a motor vehicle accident or incident where a crime occurs, or get injured emotionally by … Read More»

Senses & Truth

Senses Your senses are the inner being of our souls and that is what needs to be used first and foremost. Trust can be broken and emotions are deceiving/ Our senses tell us when something is wrong and if we chose to ignore our senses and trust what someone is telling us we can end … Read More»

Globalization Localization Product

1. The paradoxes of globalization vs. localisation and profitability vs. responsibility In today’s continuously changing world, globalization is what every business, organization, and nation should seek and welcome as a positive change. However, many people are unaware of the main focus and meaning of globalization, especially in comparison to localization. A large number of people … Read More»

TV Addiction Problem

TV addiction- A Growing Problem Most people of my generation have never known life without television. We have grown up sitting in the living room in front of the flickering TV screen. It is hard for us to see how television affects our lives. The belief that television is destructive to communication among family and … Read More»

Operations management is very important

Operations management is concerned with managing inputs through transformation processes to deliver outputs eg: people, materials, technology. It is concerned with managing the resources that directly produce the organization’s service or product. It is an important part of any organization. Operations management is very important in business operations since if forms the heart of the … Read More»

Bioterrorism Threat Weapons

groups seek biological weapons; we know some rogue states already have them….It’s important that we confront these real threats to our country and prepare for future emergencies.” -President George W. Bush June 12, 2002 Biological weapons are one of the biggest threats we face today. They are potentially as deadly as nuclear weapons and can … Read More»

Negotiation styles

Summary: First of all we will know what was the meaning of Negotiation Styles. The negotiation styles are nothing but the way of culture,behavior,skills of th people of different organizations. The negotiation styles are different for different people in different regions the negotiation styles of the people vary from one region to another region. In … Read More»

System PIR Detector

in order to prevent crime and for protection, having a combination of a systems that can be used to prevent a home and the industrial areas as well ,which would be able to detect, motion, smoke and heat along to protect the home and making use of arduino in order to implement the working of … Read More»

China Social Classes

to the industrialising and urbanising society of today. The traditional Chinese social structure was distinct in many ways from the Western societies. Not only has the People’s Republic by far the largest population ruled by a single government, and has lacked an institutional church or otherwise powerful religious elite, it has also always had a … Read More»

Research Study Quantitative

Purposes and benefits of sections of Independent study My independent study is related to quantitative research model. Purpose of the quantitative research is to do numerical summaries, generalizations across populations and comparisons between populations. It includes few variables (Delay time, work order, number of different products) and many cases (Five sets of data with each … Read More»

Concept of liberalization:

Introduction: The early 1990s was an era of intense changes in the Indian economic system. The torrent of international companies that we see today in India was born as a result of the economic transitions the country went through in 1991. It was the age of relaxation of a number of rules popularly known as … Read More»

Wolves Communication Pack

ABSTRACT Just like any other animal wolves communicate with each other, with most of its communication being between pack members. Wolves use three differing types of communication; 1) Vocalizations; Wolves are frequently heard at night because it is when they are most active. Wolves howl for many reasons, particularly to locate other members of the … Read More»

Negative effects of illegal immigration

Identify the negative effects of illegal immigration. Offer a solution of how illegal immigration could be reduced. Illegal immigration is the movement of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. It involves crossing international political borders through water, land and air inappropriately. Also here we can … Read More»

Rising interest on entrepreneurship

1.0 INTRODUCTION The rising interest on entrepreneurship has become a regular topics discussed among academician and politician and there are many evidence can be seen worldwide (Levenburg and Schwarz, 2008). In the U.S alone, for the past 10 years, on averaged 600,000 new businesses was incorporated each year (Kuratko, 2005). There is also a significant … Read More»

Courage Cowardice Bravery

The theme of bravery is contrasted with cowardice. Discuss. ‘Courage’ and ‘cowardice’ – words that adorn the front cover of the book: ‘Private Peaceful’ by Michael Morpurgo and it is this theme that I intend to examine. Throughout the novel bravery is contrasted with that of cowardice and although they represent opposite ends of the … Read More»

Battered Women Syndrome

Introduction To understand battered woman’s syndrome one has to know why and how one becomes a “battered woman.” For a woman to be labeled battered woman has to undergo two complete battering cycles which has three different stages. The stages begins with tension-building, followed by explosion which also known as acute battering incident and then … Read More»

Road Traffic Accident

Introduction Summary The first fatal road collision happened on the 25 of February, 1899, when Mr. Edwin Sewell was driving negligently and after he lost the control of his car and crashed, he and his passenger died from head injuries. Because of the breaking pressure of 20mph the wheels collapsed and this accident was considered … Read More»

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