Culture, self identity and work

Where exactly is the problem? Critically evaluate Hofstede and his national culture theory Introduction National culture has been defined in hundreds of ways (Erez and Early, 1993), but the most widely utilized dimensions of culture are the five presented by Hofstede (Crotts and Erdmann, 2000). Hofstede is the pioneer in this field and his national … Read More»

Study On The Flatiron Building Anthropology Essay PRINT

and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. [Synopsis: This is a 5 page term paper written in MLA format explaining why any designer in the modern era should be interested in the Flatiron Building, constructed in 1902 in New York. The paper gives a description of the most captivating architectural features of … Read More»

Anthropology: Conflict and Culture

ANTHROPOLOGY: CONFLICT AND CULTURE Introduction Some of the vices of the society that were supposed to have been done away with ages ago are still so pronounced in the society today. There are some controversial cultural practices that continue to thrive even in this 21st century though have been passed by time: such includes the … Read More»

Gordon rule paper

For my Gordon Rule Paper I have decided to write about the Egyptians since I have always found them fascinating. The primary topic I will be discussing would be the way in which the ancient Egyptians would view, and considered death, due to how immensely different we as Americans view death today. The vast majority … Read More»

Reality tv: the reality that is globalized

Reality TV: the Reality that is Globalized   Media Research Methods Arab satellite television stations have recognized themselves now as one of the major sources for information for the Arab world for they are demanding the domination of the American media. Television broadcasting in the Arab world goes back to the mid-1950s when on-governmental air … Read More»

The New Brutalist Architecture Anthropology Essay

New Brutalist architecture is the outcome of a British architectural ethic named ‘New Brutalism’. According to Peter and Alice Smithson, the term was coined from a newspaper paragraph heading which, by poor translation of French, called the Marseilles Unité by Le Corbusier ‘Brutalism in architecture'[1]. The Smithsons anointed their own British brand of Modernism by … Read More»

The sage dictionary of qualitative management research PRINT

and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Provide a justification for qualitative research in organisations “Qualitative research is a field of inquiry in its own right. It crosscuts disciplines, fields and subject matters. A complex, interconnected family of terms, concepts, and assumptions surround the term qualitative research. These include the traditions associated … Read More»

Qualities of Social Anthropology PRINT

Introduction Social anthropology is the field of anthropology that studies how living human beings behave in social groups. This essay seeks to explore the history, meaning and essential qualities of social anthropology which distinguish it from other branches of anthropology. In the UK, anthropology is usually primarily concerned with the study of culture. This area … Read More»

Archaeology Essays – Homo Floresiensis PRINT

The discovery of Homo Floresiensis has profound implications for what it means to be human; it raises questions about the uniqueness of human lineage which is the foundation of our society and our religions. The three great problems for nineteenth century ethnology and prehistory were identified by Latham in Man and his Migrations (1851) as: the unity … Read More»

Fierce warriors with unmatchable qualities PRINT

INTRODUCTION Linguistically speaking, the term Goum comes from the Arabic word (??) pronounced with a Maghrebi accent which means stand up. This term is going to define a military unit that was formed by the French army to be used first internally for pacification purposes and then externally for fighting the Axis powers. The Goums … Read More»

Analysis Of Todays Consumerism Anthropology Essay PRINT

and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Everlasting consumerism has shaped the way 21st century landscape looks like. It creates unlimited demand of products and stores in any possible space. Retail design is responsible to convert this possible space into a ‘consumerism space’. It is where people encounter strong force to see … Read More»

Childhood Obesity PRINT

Childhood Obesity Back few decades, the question of childhood obesity was not an issue to be argued. Our grandparents and parents never inquired the weight of their children at school age, their children, school fellows or any other child they came into contact with. Their children ate healthy foods from the table and played the … Read More»

Impact Of Globalization And Gaming Anthropology Essay PRINT

and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Video game franchise has taken the world by storm. It is design to trigger human emotion by satisfying one need to kill, venting of frustration and anger. Video gaming is used to de-stress, educate and kill time. People would spend hundreds of dollars in the … Read More»

Importance of Youth Sports PRINT

Importance of Youth Sports Sports as an activity can be traced back to the earliest existence of human beings, for as long as they have been active and sportive. It is a great way for people to master the benefits of nature and their surrounding or environment for that matter. By studying the history of … Read More»

The relationship of feminism and anthropology PRINT

and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. The relationship of feminism and anthropology can bring a new development to the way ethnographies are written and done. Lila Abu-Lughod’s statement feminist ethnography is an ‘ethnography with women at the centre written for women by women’ can be seen as an effort to find … Read More»

Persona, salud, entorno y enfermeria PRINT

Estamos ante un articulo de titulo “Persona, salud, entorno y enfermeria”, que pertenece al volumen “Enfermeria Comunitaria. Metodos y Tecnicas”. S.21.Edit.DAE.2° ed.2008 de autores Dora Espinar Gonzalez e Hipolito Delgado Rodriguez. Lo que viene a clarificarnos este articulo, en toda regla, es que el modelo biomedico se orienta exclusivamente a la practica asistencial, que se … Read More»

Enlightenment in Western and Islamic traditions PRINT

and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Enlightenment in Western and Islamic traditions: Which tradition provides greater Enlightenment? In the world we live, we are always faced with conflicting ideologies that influence our thinking. This is certainly true about Islam and secularism. In my case and in the case of most Muslim … Read More»

Islamic or State schools PRINT

How Muslim parents make their decision of sending their children to Islamic schools or to State schools. The study of how Muslim parents decide to send their children to either Islamic Schools or public has now been studied for some time and it has provided different answers for different questions. This study has mainly been … Read More»

Gentrification of urban communities PRINT

Urban renewal is often lauded as a blessing by politicians and land developers; it is seen as a method of bringing economic and cultural growth to an otherwise stagnant community. It is a set of changes made in the hopes that new residents come in, more businesses open, and more capital flows into the area. … Read More»

The evolutionary anatomy PRINT

A, Differences between the hip skeleton and musculature of bipedal hominid and quadrupedal apes. Ilium Humans: Reduced height, relative wideness (it is important in bipedal posture, because the weight of the body does not concentrate onto the spinal cord only). Orientation of blade (the curvature and the mediolateral orientation of the iliac blades help the … Read More»

Ecotourism PRINT

EXPLORING THE SOCIO-CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF ECOTOURISM ON THE LOCAL POPULATION OF CAMEROON. ABSTRACT The ecotouristic sector in Cameroon is a growing but relatively minor industry. Cameroon’s wildlife draws both safari-goers and big-game hunters, as Cameroon is home to many of Africa’s iconic animals: cheetahs, chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, hippopotami, and rhinoceroses. Impediments to … Read More»

The giant panda PRINT

Introduction People have been attracted by specific species (Goedeke, 2004). Regarding these specific species, Kellert (1996) analyzes that humans tend to be attracted to the species which has a large body and is able to walk, run, or fly. The giant panda Ailuropoda melanoleuca is one of the most famous among those attractive species (Lorimer … Read More»

Body memory and architecture PRINT

‘Discuss the relationship between building, dwelling and the notion of ‘home,’ drawing on ethnographic examples,’ ‘Discuss the relationship between building, dwelling and the notion of ‘home,’ drawing on ethnographic examples,’ Understanding building as a process enables architecture to be considered as a form of material culture. Processes of building and dwelling are interconnected according to … Read More»

Discrimination against women

The world is facing many problems that are demolishing its unity, forcing the process of making a better world harder to achieve. One of the most devastating problems yet to be solved is the women’s rights against discrimination. Discrimination, ac Individualism Transition in Chinese Cultural Value Through A Case Study of TV Show Super Girl … Read More»

An eating disorder PRINT

Anorexia nervosa (AN) is an eating disorder most commonly affecting adolescent women (Russell 1970, 132). The diagnostic criteria for anorexia is defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical manual of the American Psychiatric Association 4th ed (DSM-IV) as excessive dieting or exercise leading to extreme weight loss, a refusal to gain weight, disturbance in body shape … Read More»

Warden’s five rings theory PRINT

Col. John Warden’s 5 Ring Model Warden’s Five Rings theory is a model developed by Col. John Warden. It was first applied in a real war setting in the 1991 Gulf war incorporated in the “Operational Thunder” offensive strategy. It was the key theory that defined Operational Thunder strategy as it was known for American … Read More»

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