The Lamentation over the Dead Christ

Classicism in “The Lamentation over the Dead Christ” The Renaissance Era was an epoch of artistic resurgence in the history of Europe. This period was marked by developments in Italian Renaissance paintings with the renewal of classical forms, motifs and subjects. In edict to discern the Classicism that prospered during this age, conceivably without need, … Read More»

The Pioneers In Animation Animation Essay

Animation has its roots in traditional art. Its evolution over the years has been facilitated by not only artists but also visionaries and technically skilled experts. Presented below are the noteworthy pioneers and their creations that helped animation reach unprecedented heights as we see today. It was in 1895, three years after Emile Reynaud, inventor … Read More»

Human Resource Planning Paper Assignment Animation Essay

Human Resource planning is a process of developing the strategies of skills of the employees to reach the organizational needs. The role of the Human Resource Planning in a organization is to recruit the right person for right work, and work to meet organizational objectives and make the employees to respond to changes that made … Read More»

The environmental entrepreneurship

Introduction General Background Eco-preneurship refers to the environmental entrepreneurship who are poised towards coming up with sustainable business ideas (Libecap, 2009, p.34). EcoPreneurs indeed identify environmental challenges and therefore develop environmental products and services which will aid in solving both the business and environmental challenges by providing a sustainable solution. The main competitive advantage for … Read More»

The issues in conformity

Theory Conformity to group is another issue depicted on the movie to be researched. Based on Farlex, 2010, conformity means take action based on certain accepted normal standard. If we talk in context of group, so this conformity to group can be described as the action that accepted in a group as a foundation of … Read More»

Tata Nano

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tata Nano is the first car to be said to be the common man’s car. It is sold in home country India around Rs 1-lakh i.e approximately USD 2000. It is manufactured by Tata Motor Limited, the largest automobile company in India. It’s Chairman, Mr Ratan Tata envisions that Tata Nano to become … Read More»

Anxiety interpretation

Introduction Winning is the ultimate goal for performance success amongst elite athletes, and approaches to achieve a competitive edge and optimise sporting performances are eagerly sought after. Facilitative interpretation of anxiety symptoms to impending performance is one recognised attribute of individuals of a higher performance status, and empirical support substantiates this relationship (Jones, Hanton, & … Read More»

Animation in TV Commercials

The effectiveness of animation in TV commercials Bryant & May were the first British company to utilize animation for advertising purposes. In 1899 animator Arthur Melbourne-Cooper was hired to produce a stop-motion short in which matchstick men move along a ladder and paint an appeal on a wall. This appeal read `For one guinea Messrs … Read More»

Techniques Of Creating Stop Motion

The dissertation focuses on the techniques and methods of creating stop motion and how it is implemented on various forms of visual media. The initial motivation for the content and structure of this dissertation is based on personal experience during my project and also some research on it. Several research and reviews also helped me … Read More»

Theory of human motivation

Abraham Maslow Abraham Maslow is considered one of the most influential psychologists of 19th century, and one of the leading authorities in humanistic psychology. Humanistic Psychology is a branch of psychology with focus on human behavior. Besides the Theory of Human Motivation work that put him in limelight, he had authored other famous work in … Read More»

The rapid evolution of rock music

Rock Music & its Rapid Evolution Introduction Music has been with man since the dawn of time. Every beat or sound can some way be considered as a form of music. Dating back to early man music could have been something as simple as the soothing sound of a waterfall or a tree swaying with … Read More»

Study on Hankou Digital Building Repair Technology

Summary– In this context, traditional building crafts craftsman in artistic conception is under the control, use the appropriate tools or equipment, according to the ages, follow the way from raw material acquisition, manufacture components to install molding, to complete a post-renovation process technology ; endangered intangible cultural heritage in urgent need of rescue and system … Read More»

How Colour Symbolism in Animation Affects the Viewer

The impact on people of colour symbolism in animation Animation movies present an unusual set of challenges and questions to academics examining films from a cognitive perspective. When the boundaries of the real world do not exist like do in live action movies, the film maker is challenged to create the complete narrative space of … Read More»

Perceptions of Quality in Different Sectors

What is Quality? Quality is characterized as a standard/gauge/estimation of a specific thing when it is focused with a comparative thing of that kind. To be exact the correlation among level of magnificence of a specific thing with things of comparable kind. Quality assumes a basic part in each industry ideal from little scale to … Read More»

Media Depictions of VR and its Progressive Development

Introduction This paper will be a review of the literature on Virtual Reality’s depictions in media and how its progressing to build its projected vision for the end user. I will be using a range of academic literary studies and primary sources to provide first-hand information that is closest to my area of study. Because … Read More»

Generic Conventions of Documentary

The Purpose of this Essay is to explore the Generic Conventions of Documentary and Documentary photography, comparing the two and to explore how street photography has evolved since its introduction in the late 19thcentury. This essay’s primary purpose is to Examine How Street Photography came about and how it has changed since it was revolutionised … Read More»

BIM-Based 3D Reconstruction Technology

Optimization Model of BIM-based three-dimensional reconstruction technology and engineering model of visual perception Keywords: Three-dimensional reconstruction, visual perceptual model, engineering optimization, modeling, analysis. Abstract.Vision-based reconstruction is still there is a big limitation. Through its research-based approach introduces the primary visual three-dimensional reconstruction techniques, advantages and disadvantages of various methods were compared, it is desirable in this … Read More»

Application of Chinese Folk Art Patterns in Animation Design

Research on the Application of Chinese Folk Art Patterns in Animation Design Keywords: Fine arts, folk art, animation design, traditional culture, application. Abstract. Chinese folk art is the working people in the long life practice created by the art form of great aesthetic value and cultural connotation, because there is plenty of animation resources, mature image design … Read More»

A Review of Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter Review Name:Hunter x Hunter (2011) Author:Togashi Yoshihiro Episodes:1-Ongoing Runtime:2011-present GenreAction: Adventure, Fantasy Critic’s Description Togashi Yoshihiro is a well known mangaka responsible for Yu Yu Hakusho, one of the best anime of the mid 90-s often compared to Dragon Ball Z. While I was young I practically loved that series. Around 2013 I … Read More»

Warhammer40k: The darkest millennium

This is the 41st millennium–an age of wars. Since the God-Emperor of Mankind ended the Age of Strife and set up the Imperium of Man 10,000 years ago, his twenty Primarchs[L1] and sons started the Great Crusade to recapture every human colony which lost during the warp storm in the galaxy. As the banner of the Imperium was … Read More»

A Review of Chuck Jones ‘Duck Amuck’

Chuck Jones ‘Duck Amuck.’ Cartoons all across the Hollywood Studios at this time resembled those of Disney, with their connection of editing and using an accelerating gag structure in their narrative. But with these cartoons being considered as a comic fantasy genre, animators could experiment with the medium. Warner Bros. were a big believer in this, … Read More»

Live Motion Capture

The method that records a live motion event, which then is being translated into usable mathematical conditions by tracking a number of key points that are being combined in space over time to get a single three-dimensional representation performance is called Motion Capture. To simplify the meaning of this technology, it enables the use of … Read More»

Pixar and Politics; the Hidden Messages of Wall-E

This essay will be focusing on the 2008 film Wall-E released by Pixar animation studios. This essay will be reviewing and discussing the political side of the film, as well as looking at any other hidden messages. These include the environmental messages, nostalgia and dystopia. As well as reviewing the film itself to see if there is … Read More»

Characterisation in 2D Animations

The main problem that animation faces is that it is an overtly fake diegetic form. The viewer is presented with a constructed reality of drawings and paintings, which may represent the real world, but unlike photographic film, does not look like it. The challenge therefore is to create characters that may believably inhabit their particular … Read More»

Multimedia Applications

MULTIMEDIA APPLICATIONS 1.0 THE PROJECT OVERVIEW v Develop an interactive animated movie that contains specified title and story. You are given the freedom of choosing the titles specified in Section 4.0. The focus of this multimedia application is to help the general public to be aware or to be educated about the current issue, or … Read More»

Telecom Industry

Management information system – Introduction MIS (Management Information System) is a process which provides the necessary information for managing an organization in an effective manner. The information generated by MIS is considered to be the most important equipment of careful and the decisions made in business. For an organization, MIS must have the guidelines, practices, … Read More»

Personal philosophy of leadership

Leadership Leadership is the ability of one to guide others; it is based on ones abilities and qualities rather than skills. One is born with these inherent qualities and naturally leads others; these qualities are such as honesty, courage, confidence, determination and wisdom among others. A leader is different from a manager, while a leader … Read More»

The sport discipline

In sport disciplines that rely on speed endurance or strength endurance, anaerobic glycolysis provides the primary energy source for muscular contractions (Zajac et al., 2009) During high intensity exercise there is an increase of hydrogen (H+) ions in the mitochondria (Pilegaard et al., 1999). The metabolic demands of high-intensity exercise are met primarily by glycolysis, … Read More»

The Personal Research Project Animation Essay

This research document was undertaken to discover and analyse character acting in animation, and the different methods used to express emotion and thought process. The document is focused around how an audience is influenced by techniques of character acting, and what elements contribute to its believability. Research of various literature, articles and online sources have … Read More»

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