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6 Reasons to Study Abroad in Nuremberg

Nuremberg is a great city for students – here’s why

Nuremberg (Nürnberg) is full of tradition and innovation. As well as being home to great universities and colleges, the city has so much on offer for students. Here are six reasons to study abroad in Nuremberg.

1. Architecture 

For visitors and residents alike, Nuremberg’s beautiful architecture is part of what gives the city its charm.

Although a lot of the city’s medieval buildings were heavily damaged or destroyed during World War II, a large number of them have been restored to their original appearances.

Rest assured, you’ll never be short of Instagram material if you study abroad in Nuremberg.

2. Work experience opportunities

Nuremberg is a hub for high-tech and industrial innovation, and it’s the economic centre of Northern Bavaria.

Both lively start-ups and large multinational companies have offices in Nuremberg – so it’s a great place to gain work experience during your studies.

International students can work in Germany, but definitely ask your university about the latest regulations before you start applying for jobs.

3. History

Nuremberg is an ancient city with history dating back to 1050.

In fact, the first recorded mention of the city was in an official document by Henry III as ‘Nourenberc’ (rocky mountain).

Over the centuries that followed, it grew in size and influence to become an important site for trade in Europe.

More recently, from the Nuremberg Trials to the Nuremberg Rallies – the city played an significant role in World War II.

So, whether you’re a history-buff or just a curious explorers, Nuremberg has a lot to offer.

4. Christmas market

Every year, Nuremberg’s Christmas market (Christkindlesmarkt) draws in shoppers from across the globe.

As one of Germany’s oldest Christmas fairs, you’ll find festivity and picturesque stalls in every corner of Christkindlesmarkt.

So it’s a great place to visit if you’re looking to buy traditional Christmas gifts for friends or family.

What’s more, there are tonnes of tasty treats to sample here too – from blueberry Glühwein to sweet gingerbread and grilled sausages!

reasons study abroad in nuremberg germany

5. Arts & Culture

There’s plenty to experience in Nuremberg when it comes to arts and culture.

Between the Germanic National MuseumKunsthalle Nürnberg and Neues Museum you’ll find some of Germany’s best collections of classical and contemporary art.

Also, for art students, the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg is the oldest art college in the German-speaking world and has a great reputation.

6. International Toy Festival

Young at heart?

Embrace your inner-child at Spielwarenmesse® – the world’s biggest international toy fair.

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