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18 things you’ll only know if you study in Chicago

Chicago students past, present and future – here’s’s round up of a few things you love (or hate) about the ‘Windy City’.

1. There are good pizza shops EVERYWHERE

2. But you know there’s so much more to Chicago’s food scene than just good pizza

3. You also have way too much choice when it comes to beer joints

There’s still a lot of now in Chicago, but the sun is shining and we’ve got beer. It’s a good day.

4. The Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave.) is the answer to all your shopping dreams

5. It’s FREEZING from December to April

When your momma tell you how warm it is in LA while you’re freezing in Chicago

6. And you’re no stranger to classes being delayed or cancelled every now and then

7. But, on a brighter note, Chicago’s summers are absolutely GLORIOUS

8. And packed with festivals like Dillo Day

9. And let’s not forget Lollapalooza

10. Your favourite way to play beach volleyball is with Chicago’s skyline behind you

11. UChicago students take improv comedy pretty seriously

12. Campus Recreation at UIC is simply the best

13. Lake Michigan is the best place to go for a jog

14. Millennium and Grant Parks are pretty neat too

15. Public transportation is the best – planes, trains, and automobiles

16. The architecture along the Chicago River offers some of America’s best views of historic buildings

17. And the river turns a cool green color on St. Patrick’s Day

18. Deciding which off-campus neighborhood to live in can be a nightmare

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